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I have to get a blow machine in my car for 4 years for having multiable dwi is there any way i can get this reduced.
The dwi are in kansas. I have not touched acholal in 5 or six years. So if there is a way to get the 4 years reduced or not even get it at all. I can talk to a judge if i have to.
I am not licensed in Kansas, but this sounds like a good question to ask an experienced DUI attorney in Kansas. In...
DUI questions
I am being charged with DUI even though I wasn't seen driving. I lied for my boyfriend at the time who had an accident behind me. I claimed something like a cat or dog came across the road and caused him to swerve into a fixed object. By the time police and ambulance services came, my car was parked in a parking lot with the keys/FOB in the front flap of my purse. My car doesn't operate using a key-it uses a FOB, the hood was cold and no GPS was pulled out of it showing when it was last operated. There was mass confusion on the scene-my then boyfriend had a head injury and the cop who started in on me wasn't the original cop on the scene. We were told about the confusion from the tow truck people I called. I refused to do any field sobriety tests. I wasn't allowed to leave and was placed in handcuffs. It was a custody. I had a blood test done. I know for a fact they used an alcohol swab because I have a severe aversion to needles. It came out .08. At that point, they said I wasn't in custody and free to go-releasing me to drive. 7 mos. ltr., I get the citation in the mail. Is it normal to allow someone under the suspicion of DUI to just leave and get back in a car to drive home?
It is atypical, and probably good for your defense, especially during cross-examination. However, though atypical,...
Can I be issued a citation for "boating under the influence" if I am boating on PRIVATE property rather than on public waterways
I was recently fishing on a river in Kansas and had drank a few beers, upon returning to shore I was approached by law enforcement and subsequently given a BUI. I didn't think they had jurisdiction on private property, like they do on public waters.
I don't know what the Kansas case law says, but the statute says you can't operate a boat while intoxicated anywhere in...
What can I do to get this DUI to go away?I don't think I would get a DUI because I was not drunk.I was scared and upset.
I left a hit and run accident and they want to give me a DUI because I didn't take the test for them. I went to jail but only stayed 2hours and was released have to go to court.
I'm sorry to hear about this, and a local DUI lawyer would be your best bet, as your chances for a successful...
Could my evidentiary breath test results be suppressed if the machine did not print the results at the time of the test?
Due to a printing error, no actual results were printed at the time of the test by the intoxilyzer 8000. The results of the test were later retrieved by KDH. I don't know if the unit was sent out for maintenance to retrieve my results. I'm very concerned of any further use of machine before my official results could be retrieved. My official result came back +0.20.
Your question is one that we have had to address several times in the past. First of all, "suppression" of test...
Want to know is there a statue of limitian on a felony warrant for DUI probation violation in Kansas.
My husband had gotten a 3 DUI was sentenced to have spend 4 months in county jail and 1 year on probation he did the jail time and 8 to 10 months probation. Then we moved out of state to get away from wrong crowd we was gone for 7 or 8 years come back to be with our kids and he got picked up on a 10 year old warrant for DUI probation violation
There is no statue of limitian. I think what you must mean is a statute of limitations. An active warrant for an arrest...
Is it legal for me to be driving their vehicles as long as it is exclusively for normal job functions?
I was charged with DUI in Kansas, got a diversion and successfully completed that diversion. My license status is currently restricted to the use of a vehicle with an ignition interlock device. Unless it is an employers vehicle. I survey pipelines in different states all over America, and during work it is required that I drive other employees vehicles that they personally own, to complete job tasks. The company pays them a mileage rate.
That's different than an employer's vehicle. Speak to a local dui lawyer for specific law.