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Does a New Jersey DUI prevent international travel (Mexico, Canada) since it won’t show up on a criminal record?
I got a DUI in Jersey in 2012, 1st offense, all requirements completed. I’m traveling to Mexico in July and am wondering if I should be worried about refused entry.
This really depends on your status in the U.S. If you are here legally, then likely not, if you are here illegally,...
What are the penalties for first offence driving while suspended for third dui?
No accident or other tickets
From 180 days in county jail to 18 months in state prison! This incarceration is in addition to the fines and...
Will a DUI in the State of New Jersey show on an FBI criminal background check?
I was pulled over and ticketed for "Faliure to maintain the lane" and a "misdemeanor DUI" in 2003. The failure to maintain lane was dropped, the DUI I paid a fine, 180 days loss of license, and took a class in my home state of Delaware. I was never fingerprinted. New Jersey law (from what I understand) states that the DUI cannot be expunged because they do not expunged traffic violations. Will this show up on an FBI report? I will order an FBI report anyway just have a look but I would like find out ahead of time. Thank You
Something is not right about this. New Jersey does not have a misdemeanor DWI. So the promise of your question is...
What are my penalties and possible charges?
I was caught sometime last year with a small bag of marijuana on my persons. It was a small $10 bag, the charges where downgraded to a local ordinance violation I never went back to get it exponged from my record. I was driving home from work the other day and a cop pulled me over and stated that I made no traffic offense but his "automatic" plate scanner picked up that my moms drivers license was suspended. He asked for my credentials and I gave it to him. He came back and asked me to step out of the vehicle because I had a $500 traffic warrant for my arrest, he also stated he smelled marijuana in the car. 2 nights prior I stepped out to my vehicle and smoked a joint and forgot I put it back In the wrapper and left it in the car (I am guessing that was what he smelled. He asked if he could search the car and I told him yes. He found the wapper I had a small joint in with very little marijuana in it and he arrested me for possession and the warrant that I had. Can someone please help me with this case as to I have 3 kids and I am the sole provider for my family of 5 and I can't afford to lose my license or have a criminal conviction.
Can an officer justify pulling over a man because a woman owner of a car had a suspended license? Get aq lawyer you may...
Does having a bottle of alcohol that is unsealed counts as an opened container in a car
My friend was driving around when we was stopped and in a panic our friend in the backseat hide the bottle of vodka that we all had drank from earlier in the day. we didn't know if it being close was still considered an open container
Yes it is an open container, get yourself a good lawyer and get a real defense.
DUI 11 years ago
I got a DUI 11 years ago in nj and I never went to court for it. They issued a FTA on me but nothing was ever done about it. But now I need to get my license for my job but NJ DMV says that DUI is holding me up from getting my license. What should I do? Thank you and I hope to hear from someone on this.
The court likely issued a warrant for your arrest when you failed to appear. The court will likely require that you...
When does DUI related suspension end?
I received a 7 month loss of license for a first DUI the end of January. I also got caught driving while being suspended for a first DUI 39:3-40(f)(2). Initially if I didn't get caught the DWS ticket, I was eligible to be restored for the DUI the beginning of September 2016. My question is when the DUI related suspension expires the end of September, what would happen if I got caught driving again while being suspended? Would it only be a "plain vanilla" DWS 39:3-40, or would I be subject to indictment under 2C:40-26?
Don't get caught driving while suspended because you must be smart enough not to drive if your suspended. Even if your...