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How will a speeding ticket affect court supervision for a DUI?
I got my first-time DUI offense almost two years ago. I have 2 months left until my supervision is over and I just got two tickets. One was a ticket for speeding: 92 in a 70, and the other one was for following to close behind a car. This traffic offense happened in a different county than my DUI. I have done all required classes, community service hours, and paid all the fines for the DUI. How will these two tickets affect my supervision for a DUI?
If the DUI county does not discover them or does not file papers to revoke you no effect. An attorney may be able to help.
How’s do i get Court supervision in Illinois for my first dui ?
The states attorney refuses to give me court supervision for my dui because I’m on probation for a felony for a fight. I’ve never dropped dirty and I’ve always been compliant with my probation. I even opted to have the baiid device in my car which I’ve had for months. I am a single mother with two kids and i Work two jobs i can’t lose my license! Please help!
The States Attorney may not offer Ct. Supervision but on a “cold plea” (a plea of guilty without a promise of any...
Where can I find the exact Supreme Court ruling determining cell phones are used legally while driving if in voice command mode?
I received a (first offense equipment 625/5-12) ticket for talk to text in IL. I was using voice command mode. I see online a few articles that talk about a Supreme Court ruling, possibly mid 2014, that clarifies electronic devices in voice command mode, which may be used in conjunction with a headset, are being used legally while driving. I plan to plead Not Guilty and I need to cite the Supreme Court ruling at trial.
I suggest you consult with a local criminal defense attorney and if they can present your case better than you can,...
Duration for BAID on first conviction second DUI as a High Risk Dependent?
How long would expect to have to have a BAID if granted an rdp?
If this is a first conviction for DUI then you will receive a one-year drivers license revocation. As such, you need to...
When can I try to get an rdp?
First dui conviction and within 5 years of a supervision. Was rated high risk dependent. When can I apply for an rdp?
Three requirements for H-R (Dependent) persons: -Minimum Period of Sobriety/Abstinence (Although can be waived to 6-...
What is the statue of limitation on drug charges
I was charged with 8 counts of delivering a controlled substance. I was never arrested and im trying figure out what the statue of limitation on drug charges where the motion has been filed for arrest.
I am sorry you are having the anxiety of facing criminal charges. Your description of your situation is, however, a...
3rd dui, not in possession of keys or in the vehicle
Don't remember being arrested or speaking to police, only leaving a bar and then being in the police car. My car was wrecked (one vehicle collision) and the airbags deployed. I was arrested at a store next to the wreck, where apparently I had gone for help. A witness there said police approached me asking if I had wrecked my car. The witness said I seemed confused - that I did not admit to driving and didn't seem to be aware of what happened or where my car was while she was present. The affidavit says I admitted to driving and wrecking. I declined breathalyzer, blood was 0.21. My keys were not on me when arrested (they were in my pocketbook inside of the store, where I later retrieved them). I am currently interviewing attorneys. A few have said to go to rehab. I am hoping to fight this, as I was not in the vehicle or in possession of the keys. I would like to view the video to see how my confession came about. Even if I did admit, could I have had a concussion with the airbag deploying? They did not examine me when taking blood, just bandaged my arm. The witness also states that they began questioning me before I was arrested and read my rights. Thoughts on fighting
You have kind of a buffet of arguments. That requires a lawyer you trust to know which card to play when. The last...