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Will a non-DUI related Reckless Driving conviction stay on my Abstract of Driving Record in Washington State for life?
I was convicted of Reckless driving in 2008 (it occurred in 2006) and I have read mixed info regarding my driving record. This was not a reduced DUI charge. I thought I read that items have a 5 year record, but also read some (DUI) will stay forever. What about other Reckless convictions? If I have the conviction vacated, does that not help me either? How screwed am I on EVER getting a job requiring driving? Specifically, the Fire Department. Would this show up if I moved to Oregon as well? I'm asking specifically about the Driving Record, not criminal history.
A Reckless Driving conviction is a criminal conviction (I am correcting the practice area to criminal defense) and it...
Just got a DUI & I didnt to blow. In '05 I also got a DUI but it drop to a neg driving. I wasnt pulled over the cops saw me
drive into a ditch. I was taken in and I didnt blow there either. I stayed the weekend in jail. I was ROR without bail on Monday. My question is what should I expect, any advice. I have already set up a time for myself to get a drug and alcohol evalution maybe to just get the ball rolling and to show the judge that I dont want to go back to jail..ever..
Good thinking. Judges like to see proactive defendants who do whats needed without asking. You've gone through this...
What can my I argue as a defense in DUI involving Ambien?
About a few weeks ago, I took one Ambien pill to fall asleep while house sitting for my sister who was out of town. Next thing I know an officer gives me a roadside sobriety test and arrested me. He didn't rad me my Miranda rights from what I can recall, got my blood vials now. This is my first DUI offense, legally prescribed Ambien, no alcohol that night. What defenses could I use? Could it be possibly plea bargained down or should it go trial?
Speak with a local attorney. Impairment is not only caused by alcohol. Driving under the influence of Ambien can...
Will I have to get an ignition interlock installed into my car if I undergo a deferred prosecution?
I was charged with a second offense DUI involving Ambien. My first offense involved alcohol. My arraignment resulted in the typical bail and UAs. However, an ignition interlock was not ordered to be installed in my car.
The best place to ask this question is to call DOL, 360 902 3900. They govern what requirements you have to do in...
Pulled over for not using my blinker, suspended license, and possibly DUI charge? What do I do?
Was driving downtown and did a u turn on a one way street. It was a dark unlite area so I couldn't tell it was a one way. I drove into a hornets nest (cops everywhere) already knew I was getting pulled over. I turned into the first parking lot to correct myself but of course the cop pulled me over. He ask "do you know why I pulled you over?" I told him I couldn't see and was just trying to get back home. He pulled me over for not using my blinker when I know for a fact I did use it passenger agree to the officer as well and ignored me. Asked me if I've been drinking I said no firmly and he asked to a breath test I said no. State police came and asked to smell my breathe. He said it smell like I've been drinking. I continued saying no and held to my word. He asked why my license was suspended I said I didn't know it was and I stated that I got a ticket way back but I didn't know it was suspended. Continued to tow my car. Took me to the station refused to fill out any voluntary paperwork. Then they took me home. I have court tomorrow. Never had this ever happen and don't know where to start.
You appear to be charged, from what you say, with a DUI which is a gross misdemeanor with a maximum sentence of 364...
How do i get a copy of the narrative police/investigative report and blood/breath alcohol content (BAC)?
I was convicted of a minor DUI in 2012 and I need to have as many records on file as I can obtain.
Either by contacting your attorney who represented you in the original case or through public disclosure to the police...
What can be done if the interaction was filmed and it is proven that he stated he wasn't going to give me a ticket for speeding?
I was pulled over for speeding and arrested for dui last week. I refused field sobriety and did not admit to drinking. He still demanded I exit the vehicle and when he did he told me He was not going to ticket me for speeding but wanted me to do field sobriety tests. I didn't do them and When I was released from jail, there was a ticket for speeding.
Hire a private attorney and speak with the private attorney about this.