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Are there IPP programs in Montgomery County?
A friend got a DUI in philadelphia (2nd offense) but lives in montgomery county, are there IPP programs available in Montgomery county if he gets convicted?
No money, how am I supposed to get the CRN evaluation that I'm required to get ?
I recently got a DUI charge for having marijuana in my system. I just got a letter in the mail saying I must speak with my attorney, which I can't do because I have a Public Defender and they aren't assigning a new one until I get my court date, the one I had before was only for my preliminary. The letter said to discuss ARD with my lawyer and to get CRN evaluated. I'm currently living rent free as a guest in someone's home, haven't even been able to feed or clothe myself, my boyfriend been helping me with that. I have no job. My car doesn't even run anymore, and I'm basically living out of my broke down vehicle. This letter States that I must pay a fee of 80 dollars for this CRN evaluation that I'm REQUIRED to get done. But I have absolutely zero money to my name. I don't even have a way to get to this place which is a county away from me. I dont know what I'm supposed to do. I can barely take care of myself, I have no support, How am o supposed to pay for this? Do they make exceptions?
They make exceptions. Go to the court house and explain to the clerk. There is a way of proceeding Redirecting to the...
Would my father be able to attend his mom’s funeral in another country?
My father had a DUI and was on probation. He violated his probation by driving to work himself as no one was able to give him a ride. His license was suspended for another year. His probation is closed. Would he be able to go out of the country to attend his mom’s funeral?
As long as your father is not on probation, there should be no reason why he cannot leave the country to attend his...
License being suspended for 60 days in PA for DUI, what are my options?
Was charged with a DUI last year in Montgomery County, PA. I have applied for, and have been accepted into the ARD program which carries a 60 day license suspension (I refused breath test). I recently had my first child and my wife does not work (will be home taking care of our baby), I can not keep my job if I can’t drive to work for two months. Losing my job would have grave consequences on my child’s well being given I am the only source of income. Lawyer is telling me that I have no options and courts don’t have any sympathy for these situations. Is this true, is there nothing I can do to get some kind of work permit for the duration of my suspension?
Trust your lawyer in this situation, he/she is right. When you accept ARD, there is a mandatory suspension. The judge...
What would be a good legal basis for filing a Habeus Corpus for a DUI VOP with a new charge in a neighboring county?
Defendant is on probation for a DUI in Delaware County PA and has a new charge in Montgomery County PA which resulted in a warrant from Delaware County for VOP of previous DUI. The new charge is a DUI. Defendant wants to file a Habeus Corpus in an attempted to be released to get his affairs in order and prepare for new charge trial. What is the best way to approach the filing the Habeus Corpus? Defendant has been detained by Delaware County and after a weeks time detained was still not seen by a caseworker which means he was not able to request a public defender until about 8 days into being detained. No one has communicated with the defendant. He has no idea what is going on with his violation either. He was detained in a non dui cell block for 10 days ( a violent offender section) and was just moved to the dui unit 11 days after arriving to George Hill Prison. He still has not met his PD and has not been informed about anything regarding VOP. What would be his best chances at requesting relief in his Habeus Corpus? It will be a pro se filing for the defendant.
I do not know the answer, I'm just writing to say that this is absolutely horrible and speaks of what is wrong with our...
If I am taking prescription medication as prescribed and I fail the field test (Due to Anxiety) can I still get a DUI/DWI in PA?
If I get pulled over in the state of Pennsylvania and the police officer believes I am under the influence after failing a field sobriety test (I having an anxiety disorder and my whole body tends to shake, throwing off my balance) And if I show him my prescriptions for what I am taking (I always keep the paper version in my car and the medication says “use caution while operating vehicles”). And I am taking prescription medication as prescribed by my psychiatrist. Can I still get a DUI/DWI?
Could you be charged with DUI? Yes. Might you have defenses? Yes. Contact a local qualified DUI attorney to review...
Is it possible to have non- ard dui expunged after ten years ? What are the specific rules if so to qualify for an expungement
I am a salesman and having difficulty getting back into a field sales position because of dui and looking to get expunged . I know it will drop Off dmv check as employers can only go back ten years but more concerned about criminal portion being expunged as to have no trace of dui on my record as many companies go back past ten years on criminal check portion of background investigation.
First, you are under a misconception about your driving record. The DUI will stay on your driving record forever,...