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If you are arrested for driving high as a minor and then recieve a dui as an adult is the dui a second offense or is it seperate
A friend was caught driving high as a senior in high school and was arrested. He is now 23 and got arrested for driving with a BAC of .13 . Are these considered seperate offenses or are the consequences worse fot the dui because of the previous arrest? What kind of consequences could he be looking at in this case?
The consequences are definitely worse and your friend is in serious trouble. The maximum possible sentence for a second...
Can you hold on to registered nurse license if you have been convicted of MISDEMEANOR MCL 750.5354A in Michigan.
It's been two years since the conviction. I regret it till today. A Mistake completely made out of my character. I will be applying for my RN license will I be rejected.
This is not a criminal defense question; It is an administrative / regulatory / licensing question, and no lawyer can...
I have a DUI in 2004 never seen the doctor to draw my blood also went to the doctors and a half hours later after drinking 2 bee
After 18 months I took a guilty plea even though I was not guilty with the lawyer telling me I can have it expunged after 5 years that was a lie and when I went to the courthouse they changed my records right in front of me
I'm sorry but I do not see a question here. Nor is this medical malpractice. Please restate your question and perhaps...
Can I have the device removed without penalty? How do I go about doing so? What are penalties for removal without auth?
I was operating a vehicle under a restricted license after two alcohol related driving offenses and had a interlock ignition system installed. A few months back, I posted a reading above the .025 regulation and my license was once again revoked. I went in for my appeal and was denied several weeks later. I have no reason to keep the device installed for the next year as I wait out the year long period. How do I go about getting the device removed legally? I was told that because I didn't get authorization from the Sec of State for completing my program I would get an unauthorized removal tag and that there could be penalties tied to this. It seems like the state has me trapped in either keeping the device or forcing me to have it removed with authorization and thus possibly getting into more legal and financial trouble. It doesn't make since to have to keep a device on a vehicle that I'm unable to operate, but I also don't want anymore issues with the state.
How about not drinking and driving, then it doesn't matter about the interlock device. You have, obviously,...
Do police have to give you a receipt or ticket pertaining to a blood draw.
Was stopped some time ago and taken to the hospital. No accident involved, fully concious, etc. Police never administered any form of PBT or field sobriety test, nor said anything to me about a blood draw or even mentioned a DUI. My question is, could they attain and send a blood test sample for testing without my knowlege, or do they have to provide a receipt of some kind, or ticket, or at least consent? Just curious, thanks.
If you believe the police may have violated search and seizure laws during the course of your investigation, my very...
What can I expect , how much will the appropriate lawyer cost , and is there any possible way this can be reduced .
I currently have nothing on my record. I recently hit a tree in my truck because I swerved for a dear @ 4:00am I called my parents and had then pick me up to take me to the hospital I arrived at about 7:00 am then a state trooper that was in the area came to the hospital for questioning I agreed and did anything i could for the officer I took a handheld breath test and blew a 0.12 then went away for x rays and medical treatment when I got back to my room with the officer it was about 11:00 am where he conducted a chemical test and issued me and breath blood and urine test report with my temporary driving permit and said I can and said I will be tried for an owi. Its been approximately a month since this occurred.what should I expect and how much can this cost
Between fines and costs, license suspensions and restrictions, increased insurance rates, and attorney fees, this can...
How can I have my husband's license revoked?
He's an alcoholic, and I don't believe he should be driving.
If you believe that your husband is driving while impaired, you need to contact the police. If you see him get into the...