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I got a nolle prosequi on my second oui, can I get my license back?
My case was ruled out as a nolle prosequi because the officer failed to show.
That depends on why it was taken. If it was taken for a statutorily prescribed reason then the statute prevails. Such...
Can I get an an attorney to dismiss my 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th oui if they are from 26yrs to 33yrs old by going to court.
I was charged with a fifth oui 2014 I spoke to an attorney and he said that he would go back to the court and open up the case again if the witnesses like the arresting police officer could not come forward the court would have to close the case on all the old oui cases can he do that?
First off this shouldn't be posted under domestic violence but oui so I will change that so the appropriate attorneys...
Maryland PBJ DWI and National Driver Register
II obtained a PBJ in August 2013. I am on unsupervised probation until February 16, 2015. This past month, I lost my physical license and went online to order a duplicate. However, the Massachusetts duplicate license order form states : "Your right to operate will be verified through the National Driver Register (NDR)" I have kept my record clean since but I am concerned that Massachusetts will see me on the NDR and suspend my license. I know the a probation before justice is not considered a conviction. Does Maryland report PBJ's to the National Driver Registry? Or do only convictions go on there? My license is not suspended and I am on unsupervised probation for one more month. (mass not member of drivers license compact)
I am not licensed to practice law in Maryland, but if you are on probation, you have a conviction. Therefore,...
How do I find out when I can remove the interlock device from my auto
When I got my license reinstated I was told this device had to be installed in my auto.
It should be in the court order that was part of your sentence or plea, or ask your probation officer.
Do I have a chance with this DUI charge?
I was pulled over for a marked lane violation. PO says that I was “driving in a serpentine like manner” ( I was switching lanes to exit the rotary) but claims I “drove my right two tires onto the side walk” which I am almost certain didn’t happen. I have documented generalized anxiety disorder (and a lisp) & being pulled over was very much anxiety prevoking for me. When questioned by the officer, I stumbled on my words and couldn’t quite gather my thoughts as I was extremely anxious. The PO referred to this as “slow, thicker tounged & slurred”. The PO asked me if I had been drinking/ had anything illegal in the car & if I did, he wouldn’t arrest me. I didn’t answer, he then asked me to exit the vehicle where he searched my vehicle (found a sleeve in a enclosed bag w/ 5 nips n 5 empty) asked for my anti anxiety medication as I was on the verge of an anxiety attack(declined). PO asked me to submit to a field test or be arrested. At this point, I was having an anxiety attack and visibly shaking. I felt I passed but it’s to the officers discretion (a lot of the report IMO is falsified/exaggerated) = arrested. I blew a .12 but there was an 45-60 min period prior to the test.
Defending DUI cases are extremely fact specific issues that require even more information then what you have listed and...
Can a DUI be a reason to change child support?
My ex-husband received his 2nd DUI in May of 2018 (Divorce was final in 9/2014). He now wants to reopen the divorce decree stating he cannot pay me as much child support because his financial situation has changed, ie: he owes legal fees and fines for his 1st and 2nd DUIs. Also, he will not help out with the coordination of rides for our children since he lost his license for 5 years. The equal sharing of rides was written into our agreement. Mediator explained to him that he does not have to physically drive (as he is not legally able to) but to find alternative means to transport the kids, especially on his parenting time.
Child Support is based on the guidelines. You should look at the worksheet to see what goes into it. It factors in...
Why is a dui still showing up on my record?
I was arrested for a dui which I was later found to be not guilty by a jury of my peers. Even with the not guilty verdict for lack of evidence the dui still appears on my record as administrative per se for bac .08 why is this ?
The 30 day admin. per se suspension was imposed because of the breath test failure. This is an administrative...