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Will future employers see DUI in Massachusetts, Continued Without Finding, on a CORY. How will it show on Mass. driving record?
My son was 19 when he was pulled over for DUI . It was Continued without a finding . Now at 21 he is going to trade school to become and auto mechanic . I am worried that future employers will see this in a CORY or on his Mass driving record and he will find it difficult to find work as an auto mechanic .
Yes they will see it. New CORI reform allows for him to get it sealed after 5 years however it will always remain on...
I was arrested for DUI, marked lane violations, and def equip all lights. My court date is tomorrow....
I believe I will proceed with a No Contest plea since it's my first offense of any criminal matter and there was also vomit on my clothes. Will the penalty I receive from the judge be worst than suspending my license for 45 days, 12 months probation and 16 weeks of classes?
You should get an attorney. Plead not guilty and get help. No one can predict what a judge will do, and you are...
Got 2nd DUI last Sept. in California but have moved to Boston. Didn't get a restricted license. How can I get LI in MA.
I got convicted for my 2nd DUI in Redwood City CA last September (first one 6 years prior in Santa Clara CA), and have moved to Boston MA. I got my DUI classes transferred to online by the court and did not opt for a restricted license while in CA. Can I apply for a license in Boston through Termination of Action in CA? When can I do that -- I was told after a year but when I called the Mandatory Actions Unit, the clerk told me it was a 2-year suspension and that I could not apply for Termination of Action for 2-year?!?! Is this correct? How can I obtain my license in MA now? Please help.
Massachusetts only issues hardship licenses to drivers who already hold a Massachusetts license and then only under...
Not Guilty DUI.
I was found not guilty of a DUI in Massachusetts by a Judge and he later allowed sealing of my CORI. If I now try and drive to Canada will Canada see this or will they look at the FBI database? I was told even if my CORI is sealed in Mass it could still be present in the FBI database.. What would Canada use to determine ??
If you're curious about what will show on your record, conduct a live scan background check on yourself. Sir, this isn'...
DUI " Not Guilty" sealed CORI
In a nutshell...... I was accused of a DUI by Mass state police. I went to court and was found " Not Guilty" by a judge. I later petitioned the court to seal my CORI and the judge allowed this. Do I now have to petition the state police and FBI to correct this ?
I do not believe you can seal it is against the FBI or the state police
Not Guilty DUI
I was found Not Guilty of DUI. The judge allowed CORI sealed. Will I be ok if I want to drive to Montreal?
Assuming you haven't been convicted of anything else.... Enjoy your trip and congratulations on your win! I would...
Can I study abroad in Australia with a pending DUI?
Three nights ago I was arrested for a DUI. I refused to take a breathalyzer. I have my hearing tomorrow and I live in Massachusetts. I am wondering if this will affect my plans to study abroad in Australia in July. I have been planning all year for this trip and have already gotten my tickets and paid my tuition for the semester. The only thing I have left to do is get my visa. Is it at all possible for me to still study abroad?
This is serious and I would not go at it alone. Find a local attorney who will protect you and your rights. The...