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Can a probation officer change requirements for compliance of a deferred prosecution years after the original agreement
I entered into a deferred prosecution for a dui over 2 years ago. I've complied with all of the probation requirements completed my 2 year treatment program attended 2 aa meetings a week for the duration of the program. Now my probation officer is telling me that I have to continue to go to aa meetings for the remaining 3 years because the guidelines for probation on someone with a deferred prosecution have changed recently. Can she really alter my probation requirements or should I be "grandfathered" in as they weren't required before now. Basically my question is aren't there strict guidelines to be followed by probation on a deferred and can they be changed to match current ones later.
Deferred prosecution deals are really just that, deals, big time. It seems improper for them to switch it up on you...
Court demanding fines paid in full, issuing a warrant even though the offender us in prison.
Boyfriend got his 1st DUI in May. Tried to go deferred because he's under community custody and wanted a judge's recommendation to go to treatment when he had his hearing with the Board. The Board ended up revoking his supervision anyway, and sent him to prison after spending 3 months in County waiting for the hearing, then on the decision. He was unable to go deferred because he had to go to prison, so the prosecuter told him to plead guilty and so did his attorney. He didn't want to because he wanted to go deferred, so he ended up taking an Alfred plea. The judge said he had til Dec. to inform the court of his release date so he could be expected to start paying on his fines. In October, knowing his release date, he wrote the court asking that his fines be traded for jail time. He received a notice denying his request, stating he must pay in full ($1400), within 14 days or will be sent to collections, his lisence is suspended and they are issuing a warrant. They sent the mail to him at the prison's address. Are they dumb? He's incarcerated, and did what the judge told him to. He doesn't want to release to a warrant. Any help? He was given an ERD of April 16, 2016.
Contact the court and advise them of his prison status and request the warrant to be recalled and have a date be must...
DUI Deferred Prosecution over turned by Indeterminate Sentence Review Board. Double Jeopardy?
First, I appreciate what you're doing. This is a great tool, a much needed one, and your time is valuable. Thank you. If someone is on Community Custody, and they get a DUI, which causes 2 violations of their supervision, can they go deferred? An assessment was done, and found long term treatment was needed, it was a approved by the judge, bed date set. At the ISRB violation hearing, they decided revocation which means there is a violation of DP due to being in jail and missing bed date. Is pleading guilty forcible? Isn't their a right to follow through with the DP contract and stimulations?
As a practical matter, most sentencing courts will not impose sanctions that would render the entry of a DP on a...
Was arrested for a felony DUI, drugs were found, why are they not charging me with the drug possession with intent yet?
I was pulled over and charged with a felony DUI, it is my second, the first being vehicular assault about 8 years ago. While I was being arrest they searched my car and found two ounces of meth and a scale. I have two cases now, one for the DUI and the other for possession of meth. My DUI case is moving through the court system but nothing on the possession case has happened nor is moving through the system. What does this mean? Do you think they will not charge me with the possession case? How much time will I be looking at for each charge? This would be my first drug charge.I have a public defender but she never returns my calls and i can't afford a private attorney. Although I am from Seattle, the case is in Chelan county. Thanks for your help.
The prosecution may have considered the facts surrounding your arrest and selected to proceed on the felony D.U.I....
I currently fighting my 5th dui conviction and I was arrested the other day in a different county for assault 2? help
not first run in w law. will county find out from the other? will this affect either case? could my punishment worsen
Yes. One county will find out from the other. Yes, this could have an impact on the other case. Yes, your punishment...
Will blowing a fail on an IID prohibit removal?
I blew a fail today and had not been drinking. I had a couple drinks the night before, but didn't try to start the car until 4 in the afternoon. I have no other violations. I'm slated to have my device removed on October 13th.
This could be a problem. Check with your local attorney. here in Virginia, they require the client to be abstinent...
Can the DoL impose a penalty on me if the facial recognition device in my car records me driving on a suspended? WA State
I have been trying to get my license reinstated since late March, but was missing the ADIS class. I called 2 days ago to ask them why it was still showing invalid 10 days after the class and form were taken care of. The lady from the DoL put me on hold, comes back on the line and asks for my number says someone will be calling me back before the office closed. I asked her if there was a problem she said yes, but would not tell me what it was. This is the only rule I have broken since my arrest in September. I suppose I am worried that they may be able to impose a restriction on my license without a court conviction or citation from a traffic officer. I will update this thread if I find out anything in reference to my question. Any information will be helpful.
See my answer to your other question. I think the most likely issue is that DOL lost the paperwork or has not finished...