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How can CPS say I failed an oral drug test for cocaine when I'm not a drug user of any sort?
An acquaintance was visiting me in my home with her 7 yr old daughter for a week or so as they had no where to live at the time. The day before they were set to leave the Mom was arrested at my home for a drug charge that had happened 6 mos prior to my even knowing her. CPS asked me to take an oral drug test because she was in my home when she got arrested on a drug charge so they wanted to be sure that I wasn't using drugs while being a single mother of 2 children. I took it voluntarily because I do not use any illegal drugs and felt I had no need to worry. The following week CPS returned to my home to tell me I'd tested highly positive (2400) for cocaine and to repeat the oral drug test. At the end of that week CPS came to me and said that I still registered a scarce amount (8) I'd cocaine and opened a case on me. I don't understand how I tested positive at all let alone testing positive a second time after 6 days. To my knowledge, even if I had used cocaine before the first test, it would no longer be in my system after 3 days. Im completely freaked out and quite angry at this situation. Please help me?!?!? Thanks for your time and consideration in this matters.
You should consider hiring an attorney to get the case closed and to get off any list of being "substantiated" for drug...
Can I get class D felony DUI reduced to misdemeanor in state of Michigan? Six years have passed, and it is impacting employment.
My background check from state of Michigan states misdemeanor charge and conviction, but the codes state felony so I have "slipped under the radar" in terms of employment as an occupational therapist---until now. This is devastating, and I would like to know if there is anything I can do at this point.
I dont think you can get it reduced after the fact. I think you are thinking about expungement which is getting it off...
Michigan being zero tolerance , How can the charge medical marjuna card holder ,a dui/dui/d when thc stays in blood stream days
just because u crossed white line on shoulder of road on the way to work on a curvy road and midnight shift!
You should speak with an attorney who has handled these particular types of cases and is familiar with the recent cases...
This is my first and only time for being pull over for DUI, what can I do to clear this DUI situation?
I was heading home from a Soldier celebration from a deployment and got pulled over for headlight that went out.
It is possible that an OWI can be dismissed; however, there has to be a very strong legal or factual defense for that...
How long does it take to be brought up on DUI/OWI charges in Michigan?
In the beginning of February I made a mistake, I used prescription drugs that were not for me and I hit a mailbox. Somebody reported my license plate number, I was picked up by police twenty minutes later or so. When I went there they drew my blood, I did not admit to taking any substances, my question being does it take that much longer to bring somebody up on charges seeing as it's a drug related DUI/OWI?
Yes. It takes much longer for charges to be filed when a blood draw for drugs is involved. Your blood will be tested in...
Am i going to be chatged for a dui
I was pumping gas and a police officer approached me and said i was drunk and to take a pbt so i did blew .12 they parked my car in parkimg lot and said i can come pick my keys up in a few hours and that i wasnt being charged
You could certainly face charges if you blew a .12 while operating a vehicle. You might also get lucky. If you...
My plate was taken by the police because the person who had it got a dui. They issued a paper plate for 3 days.
My niece was driving my car but decided to let my daughter drive it home and she had no license and they said she was intoxicated. They took my plate and gave me a paper plate which have expired and my court date isn't until the 9 th of November. Can they give me another paper plate to get back and forth until the case is over
I strongly suggest you hire yourself an attorney.. there are fact specific matters here..