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How can someone sue you if the police didnt find any evidence and my whole family took ly detecter test to prove wwere innocent
My nieghbors father is suing us for 435000.00 for stealing his safe! Can he do this? We was no where near his town the day it happened but yet he insists it was us. Cops came let them search and took ly detecter test my family plus my kids It was good. Haven't hear nothing and 4 years later he files a suit. Now Im going to be out lawyers fees. Why do I have to prove I am innocent from something I didnt do? Devastated right now!
You need to lawyer up.. fast and have that lawyer send letters to the other lawyer noting that if this is deemed...
I was arrested on 5/1/17 for dui, i was just found not guilty by a jury 3 weeks ago, why is my license still suspended?
i represented myself pro se, was found not guilty...i did request the hearing within the 90 periond to addreess the suspension issue...local judge shot me down...key fact that was proven at the trial later.....cop admitted to me not refusing testing which he initially claiming as it states that on the paper i was given when arrested.... so what do i do now, can i appeal that judges decision? i paid the court reporter to convert and print out his testimony to that fact....not to mention there is a video of the incedent so the jury seen him clearly lying at trial but the judge didnt let the video be played at the prior hearing
You had 30 days to appeal the denial of the SSS. Make sure to pay your reinstatement fee and get SR-22.
What should we do 20 years later about dui?
In the year 2001 son got a dui moved out of state he is now 39 years old and wanting a drivers license he didn't go to court he never got convicted but I know it's probably still on his record any suggestions on what we should do
Your son needs to contact the court in the state where the OUI took place. If he was charged and failed to appear for...
How screwed am i getting a dui at 20 years old?
I am 20 years old and got a dui
Underage people charged with DUI face additional problems. This is directly from the Secretary of State's website:...
How is a probation officer allowed to change your sentence for a DUI in Illinois?
I am ashamed to say that I have a DUI conviction, and had a prior DUI that I was given court supervision. The conviction, I have been given conditional discharge for 24 months. I have completed my treatment hours and sentence, but now my P.O. is requiring me to go to AA twice weekly. Is she allowed to add to my sentence/treatment? I was charged in Cook County, but reside in Kankakee County, where my conditional discharge was transferred to. Thank you
It sounds like it is a new condition, but I don't know the terms of your probation. You should contact your lawyer if...
Lost my CDL after first offense DUI. One yr has past. I am eligible to reinstate it. Are there laws preventing employers to hire
me until 5 years have past or is it just an insurance issue due to higher premiums. Im realy wondering if its worth reinstating if no one will hire me until five years has passed. I need to find that special company who is willing to work with me after one year.
No but they may have policies or insurance companies may that make it difficult to get a job. But why would you not...
I got a court order in the mail from WI saying my DL is revoked am I revoked in Illinois too? Please answer ASAP
please answer asap thank you
It is likely that your "privilege to drive" is revoked in WI, and that per interstate licensing compacts that your IL...