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In the state of Tennessee will a bui conviction add to a dui conviction of offenses
I have plead guilty to 3rd offense dui and got a bui will that be first bui of 4th dui
It will be treated as a 4th DUI. Boating under the influence is nothing more than DUI on the water. The Boat is...
Restricted license while self employed?
In the state of TN, if you are given a restricted license due to a DUI, what are the limits to "driving to and from work"? I am self employed and work out of my home, but have meetings outside of my home on a regular basis. Do I need to rent an office space for a year, or would it be possible to attend meetings in public places (coffee shops, restaurants, etc.) with a restricted license?
You should consult with an attorney in the appropriate county–either the Tennessee county where the DUI offense...
Blew .20 1st DUI car was parked and running but not moving.
I had it moved up to the grand jury court . What can I expect my charges to be ?
A DWI is committed if you operate a vehicle in a public place while intoxicated. There are not enough facts to give...
I was arrested for DUI 10 minutes after taking my prescribe medication. Can I beat this?
When I was pulled over I was honest with the cop about me taking my prescribe medication 10 mins b 4 he pulled me over. I have been taking this med for 8.5 yrs now. Do u think I will be fund guilty of DUI? I've never had a speeding ticket or anything and I had never been arrested b 4 either
It is not possible to predict the outcome from this set of facts. However, you can still be found guilty in TN for...
Got arrested for a DUI in TN but license is from Nevada. What restrictions am I looking at and can they be reduced?
1st DUI offense, currently in the process of moving to TN
You could face a license revocation for a year but much depends upon the specific facts of your case. You may have...
My fiancee got deported because of a dui charge if his bond is 12500 how much is the most the judge could lower it?
the dui is the only charge he has and we have 2 kids together is their a possibility of getting his papers if I get a lawyer and go through the whole process I am an American citizen. and what can I expect in immigration court?
You need to hire an immigration lawyer in your area ASAP to review the ICE matter and defend the criminal matter.
Should you get a lawyer for my 22 year old, son's first DUI ?
He is a student at UTC, and offered to do a breath test, which came back positive at 0.08. We don't much money to spare for law expense and he thinks he will be fine with out one....we are trying to get "So Lo Contendre" ? Which is the best , right. We don't have any experience with the Law so are walking into this with out knowing much. Please help us. Thank you very much.
In Pennsylvania a first DUI is rather routine. There is not much to negotiate. Nonetheless I would want the advice of...