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  • Small plane crashes in northern Wisconsin, killing six

    Sunday Jul 2 | via Reuters 

    A small plane enroute from Chicago to Canada on a fishing trip crashed in northern Wisconsin, killing all six people aboard, authorities said on Sunday, a day after at least four people died in a plane crash in northwestern Georgia. The Cessna 421 that crashed in Wisconsin went down at 3:21 a.m. on Saturday in Harmony Township, not far from the city of Catawba, about 250 miles northwest of Milwaukee, the Price County Sheriff's Office said.


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Chatsworth Law

What is the law on giving 2 for 1 aat the county jail in ga
wanting to know for work purposes
There is no state law on the matter. The issue is governed by each facility independently.
What is the law on an underage unlicensed driver being hit by a drunk driver at the drunk drivers fault ?
Drunk driver illegally passing 3vehicles hitting the 3RD vehicle, 3rd vehicle was in the process of a left turn and the other driver hit 3rd vehicle in the driver side rear door, other driver is injured severely.
The age of the person hit is not relevant to the issue of fault. The insurance carrier may try to cut the damages based...
What can I do?? I recieved a DUI permit violation after my license was reinstated...can I fight this?
I was convicted of a DUI in August of last year. I applied for and was able to obtain a Limited Driving Permit for the duration of my license suspension. After the 120 day suspension was up, I completed all the necessary steps to reinstate my license. I submitted my certificate, paid my reinstatement fees online and everything. DDS online system told me I would receive my license in the mail and that my license was now valid. I genuinely though I had done everything I needed to do and had followed all the steps listed. However the other day I was pulled over going to the bank and the officer said it showed me driving on the permit and not my license, even though it was valid and had been valid since March. I contacted DDS and explained everything to them and they said I had done everything except physically surrender my permit so because of that I was driving on a permit and not my valid license..even though I told them what their Online system told me and that I didn't do that step because it isn't listed anywhere as step that needed to be taken. DDS is not helping and I am afraid that I will be convicted of a permit violation and loose my license even though it's been valid..
Will they allow you to surrender your permit now and obtain a valid driving license? If so, it may be wise to do that...
By State law in Georgia, can probation fees be waved for a low income mother when the probation office is private?
I received a DUI and was placed on probation. I paid my fine in full with monies I received from a Social Security Disability Claim. My disability is for several majory brain surgeries and I and bi-polar: therefore medically unable to do commuity service. The only way I can pay the probation fee is take away from family needs since I am the Mother of two young boys including one that is austic. It appears to be unconstitunal for low income people with felonies to be automatically exempted from probation fees and I am not.. Because I go to a private run probation office, they insist I pay the fee. To punish me, I have to report daily. What Can I do and please inform me to the exact law that exempts probationers with felonies and low income to be exempt.
I have seen judges waive the probation supervision fee in the past. It is entirely in the judge's discretion. Call...
How do I with draw a dui pled?
In may of 2017, I was charge with dui and failed to report accident. I didn't do any of it. Someone who I let borrow my car did everything. I got a call from him and he said he got into a accident. So I went to the car and the police came . The police assume I hit something and was drinking. I took the fall for it but the police did a walk test but did not do the breath test. He automatic charge me with dui and failed to report accident. Once I got to the police station I took a blood test. I know I was not drinking or smoking. I didn't have anything in my system. I pled guilty because I did not want stay in jail. I wanted to know is there anyway that I can withdraw my pled and innocent. Because I wasn't drinking or tell them it was someone else. I don't know what to do. Just wanna clear my name.
You are more than foolish if you plead guilty and now, after the fact, you want to change your plea. Tell me, why...
Should I disclose my DUI arrest to the licensing board?
Recently I got a DUI. I have never been arrested for anything in my life. Never been in trouble either. The case is still pending. My OTR license is up for renewal in less than a year. Should I disclose this arrest to the licensing board or wait for the case to be closed? Will my license be denied?
You need to look at the license renewal application. What does it say? Some applications require you to reaffirm that...
How can I get some help with paying DUI classes?
I'm a veteran living on a fixed income and don't have any extra money to pay for my DUI classes. I have no way of transportation. So its really important I do these classes in order to get my drivers licenses back. Is there any kinds of programs that could help me with this situation?
It is important. I am not aware of programs that are designed for such purposes. I would try to locate the nearest one...