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Prosecutor offering Wet Reckless & 6months house arrest instead of probation becuz my citizenship comingup. Should I take?
This's my 1st DUI arrest, low blood count (0.10) . The main reason prosecutor offering me 6 months house-arrest is because I asked to avoid probation period (which is 2-3yrs) due to my citizenship application comingup. Should I take the 6month house-arrest or take the probation ? I can expunge my records after probation.
First - expungement: California does not have a true "expungement" statute. What we do have is a dismissal under...
What I can make for cleaning my record I have dui for last 4 years can help me
Before I driving home and get a ticket for drink beer in the car and now I have my girlfriend so I don't think to come back to.Mexico I one to clean every thing and stay here can doing something with that...
Not sure what your question is....if you are talking about filing a Petition under Penal Code section 1203.4, if you...
Trying to clear suspension and BAC levels from my DMV record won DMV hearing. Mandatory Action Board will not remove why?
Just seeing how one would get this done ?
No exactly sure what you are asking but if you are trying to get a DUI suspension off your driving record... the short...
I need a lawyer ASAP for the Pasadena court
I need a lawyer ASAP to fight a DUI case for 11-7-13 also to get the calibration for breathalyzer also and I can make payments my ticket happened August 31 11pm
Start calling a few. Most will offer free consultations. You should do so quickly though, you only have 10 days to...
Won my DMV hearing in CA got a wet reckless from court will the wet reckless show up on my DVM print out this is my firs DUI,
Just wondering if a wet reckless will show up on my DMV print out after winning the DMV hearing and the court giving me a wet reckless?
Yes. Also, a wet is still considered a prior DUI if you get another DUI within 10 yrs.
California Vehicle Code 14601.2 VC violation of probabtion 08/10 ,11/10 ,02/11.....I live in LA county.
I have 3 outstanding warrants for California Vehicle Code 14601.2 VC in LA county and violation of probabtion in for( 2nd DUI 03/09) ventura county. I plan on turing myself in to handle warrant what time am I looking at? I called ventura county and all that shows is my fines due no contact ever from ventura only delinquent letters .( planning to pay off) As far as probation officer what do i do? ofcourse they havent forgotten about me . On theit Kiosk clerk stated DUI CLASSES DELETED AND IID?
You're looking at a minimum 10 days for the 14601.2, and probably 10 more for the PV (if I had to guess). Get an...
Got a DUI while 20 years old now am 21 and want to get a restricted license.
I got a DUI back last year and have a mandatory 1 year suspension of my license. However i turned 21 before the suspension duration was over. Now the DMV is telling me i am eligible for a restricted license, however the Mandatory Action Unit is telling me i have to wait until a year from my conviction to get it. What exactly do i do? One tells me no the other tells me yes. Will i get in trouble if i were to try to get it?
You were always eligible for a critical needs license when you get a DUI while a minor . If the DMV issues you a...