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If a mother goes to work and leaves her child with the father, who is drunk, is that child abuse?
The mother went to work at 10pm and the child was already in bed for the night.
It may be child endangerment under 720 ILCS 5/12C-5. Contact a lawyer to be certain as there are relevant facts omitted...
How hard will it be to get my revoked license back ?
I had 7 or 8 revoked or suspension tickets from 1 dui and I just kept getting pulled over. I have had no charges in 4 years and have passed a drug and alcohol evaluation.
There is no way of knowing precisely how difficult it will be to get your license back but with that many citations...
Getting a new license from dmv when license was used as bond
My license was suspended and used as bond related to a dui. My suspension is up and I haven't paid the reinstatment fee. The court fee was considerably more hefty and will be paid but for the mean time am I able to go to the dmv and get a new license? My logic in this is my license was taken as bond and not my driving privledges.
You're correct in that you DID post your drivers license as bond... And the purpose of bond is to assure the court...
Is a DUI received in Illinois considered a drug offense?
Applying for a teaching license in Illinois and they ask the following question: Have you ever been convicted of a felony, or any sex, narcotics, or drug offense in Illinois or any other state? I was convicted of a DUI (for alcohol) and received court supervision.
DUI is not a drug offense. Furthermore, if you received supervision, you were not convicted. Check your records carefully.
Will I be arrested or simply given a court date months after suspected DUI.
Over the summer I was in a car accident. The court subpoenaed my records for suspected DUI and after several months of fighting it, the judge allowed the prosecuting attorney the right to see a certain part of it. I was under the legal limit when the test was administered by over half. If the prosecutor decided to press charges, will I be arrested and made to pay bail or just given a court date? I am also going on a trip overseas during Christmas break and I have been worried all weekend that if the prosecutor decides to file, I will be prohibited from going. My stomach has been in knots as I have spent a lot of money for this trip. This is a first offense and would be a misdemeanor. I also do not live in the state where the accident happened.
While it is understandable that you are concerned, fussing over "what ifs" does you no good. it is unclear where this...
Can I lose my driver's license because I have PTSD or spinal problems? Or because I have prescriptions for ativan & hydrocodone?
I got a letter from the Secretary of State that they have become aware that I may have a medical condition that affects my driving and that I need to have a form filled out by my doctor and sent back within 2 weeks or my license will be suspended. I have PTSD and take ativan as needed and back problems that I have a prescription for hydrocodone for as needed as well. I don't drive if I have taken the ativan or hydrocodone. I also take meds for Depression and back problems but I take those only at bedtime. I've never had any sort of attacks (anxiety, pain, or any other medical issues) while driving. I know lots of people on the same and more meds and with the same conditions and haven't gotten a letter or had any issues with their licenses.
The strict answer to your question is "no" those things are not outright disqualifiers. Basically, the SOS acts on...
What possible fines and jail time I'm looking at or plea deals in 2 dui for failure to blow
I was driving a friend's car home from st Louis to chicago. I was speeding and got pulled over the cop saw my friends open container of alcohol and asked me to do a breath test and I refused. So they charged be with dui, open container of alcohol, driving a uninsured car speeding 15-20 miles over the speed limit and the kicker which I did not know driving on a suspended license.. I wanna know what I am looking at so I can see what my best steps are to not go to jail and or if the jail time ain't that long but will save me a lot of money.
The best step to not go to jail is to hire an attorney who practices in the county you were arrested in. From the...