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How does someone go about a plea bargain to get probation instead of jail time?
I got a DUI in mn but I'm from Iowa and cannot afford defense. I just want to know the steps and how.
You will need to appear in court on the date specifice in MN and apply for court-appointed counsel.
At time of signing doc, was intoxicated wants ANNULMENT
My dad wants to file for annulment, at the time he signed the marriage license, he was intoxicated, and he has glaucoma, and had no clue what he was doing. They were married on 8/25/16. I got the forms of petition for annulment, does he have a chance? and if so whats he to do next? Do i just send it in? to whom would i present the form to?I really appreciate your time and advice. Hennepin County,
Annulments are rarely simple if contested. There is insufficient information to provide any real answers. The question...
How do I stop getting random UAs on probation for a misdemeanor DUI in MN?
I got a Dwi in January, first offense no priors. I'm on probation for a year and have failed two random UAs for marijuana. Got a call today and was told to stop or I'd have to take another chemical evaluation and possibly get treatment. Wondering why I'm getting drug tested for an alcohol related offense. Is there any way to stop getting drug tested?
Hello. Excellent questions !! TY for posting !!! We attorneys are not allowed to promise any particular outcome...
Will I be able to lower my misdemeanor offense for driving with a expired drivers license to a infraction in the state of mn
I got in a accident and did I not realize my license had expired by two months the officer citieded me
It's certainly possible. Make sure to get your license renewed immediately. Then attend your first court appearance and...
Can I show video of petitioner lying about the NCO cause she was drunk.
Petitioner has 2 vehicular homicide charges for alcohol use and a violent background I the defendant don't have a record she's stating I will cause immediate harm to her and her child.
What? strange scenario unable to comprehend what you are asking.
Do you need to have a Nebraska lawyer if you got a DUI with child engenderment in that state, since she is from Minnesota
My friend received a DUI w/ child endangerment on 8/22/16 in Buffalo county Nebraska. She is from Minnesota. Does she need to get a lawyer from Nebraska to represent her? If so, who would be the best one? She is 40 years old & her daughter is 5 years old. He BAC was .09. I am a friend helping her out as she has a job with no time to research this. I know she is running out of time to get representation, so anything you could do to help me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much! Kim
I highly recommend using local counsel. Hiring an attorney who routinely works with the prosecutor and judge who will...
Should I pay $3500 for an attorney for a DUI if blood results will show I wasn't under the influence?
I was driving and speeding. Got pulled over for speeding was asked to get out and do sobriety tests. I thought I did fine, blew all zeros but was still arrested for DUI controlled substance. I requested my blood be taken and they said it takes 4 weeks for results. But I sat in jail for the weekend and had to bail out.
Well you could wait to see what the blood test results are. Normally an attorney might take the case on a limited...