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I need to sue a judge. he was my lawyer on a dui case back in 2007ish. i feel he was negligent and owes me the 700.00$ cash fee.
this is a very small town and this "lawyer" is now a judge. it has come to light that i was not in fact drunk and not infact driving or behind the wheel of an automible the night in question. recent facts have come to light being that i was "ruffied" the evening in question and my blood alcohol level could not have been that high after 1 glass of wine and 2 beers!! especially hours after the fact. i was waiting in a parking lot waiting for my brother to drive me home when the police got involved. well, i served 4 months in jail and lost driving priviliges. the " "judge" [NAME REMOVED BY AVVO] has a very dirty track record, rape pornography etc and ignores my attempts to what i feel is a legitimate refund. also, i have a police brutality issue. please advise, sincerely, [NAME REMOVED BY AVVO]
So the lawyer who represented you is now a judge ? Your story is vague.
Arrest: charges: DUI & resist arrest-MI while in my parked car to call for ride? I didn't drive, charge is now resisting arrest.
No criminal history; clean driving record; yes, was at a friend's drinking so I didn't want to drive. He got mad and asked me to leave so I did, but no intent of driving. Officers wanted to talk to me but when I let the window down they unlocked my car doors and physically pulled me out. Please tell me this is a dismissible charge: the DUI charge was eliminated, as it should, so how can I resist arrest for something that wasn't a crime? Thank you.
It could be dismissed. A lot of it is going to depend upon what exactly the officers say versus what the video...
I was arrested and charged with a O.W.I. How should i handle my court dates?
I was charged and arrested for a O.W.I the other night. They pulled me over for speeding (which i cannot deny) but i passed my sobriety tests and still insisted on a breathalyzer test. I figured i was good to go forward with this test because i have only had about 3 to 4 drinks within a four to a four and a half hour time frame and blew a .09 ( just one point over the limit) and they read me my chemical rights but i do not recall the arresting officer reading or giving me my Miranda rights. Is this enough for me to get this charge dropped or at least dropped to something substantially lower than my original charges? My court date is tomorrow but i'am going to pled not guilty.
They don't need to read you your rights unless they take you onto custody and interrogate you. Based on the facts you...
Will a judge allow a person to go through detox before serving jail time for a DUI probation violation?
My girlfriend is a struggling alcoholic who is having a hard time quitting. She recently was picked up for being in violation of her probation. She has gone through a couple of detoxes which only lasted for a short time before she started drinking again. She has a court date in two weeks for not completing the terms if her probation. Her doctor says she should not quit drinking cold turkey because it could lead to heart problems and or paralysis. She has had seizures in the past when she has tried to quit drinking on her own. Her last seizure was about one month ago. Will a judge allow her to go through a detox at a hospital before serving time? The perfect scenario would be for her to get out of detox and then be put straight into jail so that she doesn't have time to drink.
You asked this question twice. It is an excellent question to ask of your girlfriend's attorney. What you describe is...
Am I legally obliged to pay for a medical test that was proven to have given a 100% inaccurate result?
My doctor recommended that I take a TB blood test instead of a TB skin test. However, the blood test result was inaccurate. It gave me a (false) positive result, when a subsequent skin test showed an incontrovertibly negative result. Am I obliged to pay for the inaccurately performed blood test?
First, I have a hard time understanding how this is a criminal / DUI question. Beyond that though, the fact that a...
19 year old son arrested dor ouil in michigan
my 19 year old son was arrested for ouil in michigan at his arraignment he pled not guilty and requested a court appointed attorney which the judge denied and said he wasnt going to send him to jail.At his pretrial the prosecutors office said they would not drop his drunk driving to an impaired.He blew a .13 he is 19 years old lives 100 miles away from his parents does not work attends college his father was laid off from his job his mother lost her job of 25 years and only works part time.what the hell do we have to do to get a court appointed attorney.We asked the prosecutors office if we could view all the evidence and he said not a problem but it couldnt be done that day we told him we traveled 100 miles and it didnt seem to matter to him.I am going to represent my son at his trial if no lawyer is assigned to him.Since the judge and prosecutor have stated there will be no jail time what do we have to loose any recommendations on filing motions and when and how to do so would be great. Is there a form at the court house that he could fill out about being indigent? please help
Consider contacting criminal defense attorneys in your area and ask if they would handle the case pro bono (for nothing)...
Would Dubble Jepority aplaie to drunk driving?
Getting a drunk driving in one state an paying all your fines there. Come home and loose your license for not paying an reinstatement fee and a fine in anouther state?
Double jeopardy, which bars prosecution for the same crime, does not apply to what you wrote. You are not being re-...