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Ignition Interlock device. Can a level of 0.04 cause a vehicle to fail? The device passed a reading of 0.013.
My son has the device installed in his vehicle, as he was convicted of his second DUI offense (MA), over 10 years ago. However, due to the substantial fee, in order to have his license reinstated, he was unable to obtain same until last year. Even though he does not drink when he has to drive (not even the day before even though he works nights), he has "failed" at least twice a month. Apparently, the device is not designed to detect alcoholic beverages only. I/we have discussed this, with numerous "offenders", and they concur that the device is set off for no reason. One person consumed a banana and failed!
Not for nothing, but is this a legal question or a mechanical question? I'm not trying to be smart, but I would begin...
Will I be put in jail for getting pulled over (unknowingly)for a suspended license. I have an arraignment tomorrow morning.
I was pulled over in late November driving home from work on the highway to go pick up my two young children. i was then pulled over for driving in the fast lane. When I gave the officer my licence he then told me it was suspended and my car would be impounded. I had no idea that my license was suspended. I got a ticket and mailed it into the court like the officer said. I took care of the ticket that was the reason for my suspension. However my license was also expired when I went to update my licence they wouldn't let me because my social security card has my maiden name on it. I updated it with the social security office but my new card hasn't been issued yet. So I can't get a valid license till that happens. My court date is tomorrow morning what should I be expecting as a punishment
Get there at 8:30AM and check in at probation. Bring an ID. See if the prosecutor will talk to you if u go pro se. If...
Can I get denied employment due to a CWOF from a DUI?
One year ago I was placed on a CWOF for a DUI in Massachusetts. Since then, everything has been taken care of: I completed all my classes, paid all my fines, got off probation, and everything was dismissed. Fast forward to now- I was offered and accepted a new job, pending a background check. It's taking a while to hear back about it (about a week), and I'm wondering if the CWOF is going to ruin my chances of this job? It's for a retail store, so nothing too serious like childcare or law enforcement or anything like that.
Since 2012, when Governor Patrick pushed through CORI reform [much to his credit], people with CWOFs have been able to...
How do i fight a RMV license revocation for a DUI from 25+ years ago in NH?
I was notified by the MASS RMV on May 12, 2015 that my current license will be revoked/suspended on June 7th for a DUI i had in NH back in June, 1989. Is there a way to prevent this action?
It depends, if you are not reinstated in New Hampshire that is the likely cause of the problem. Check the status of...
Can i sue for negligence leading to an arrest
i recently was arrested for a suspended license that was not supposed to be suspended. I recieved 2 moving violations after already taking a drivers safety course in massachusettes which means i have to take another class, i schedueled this class on time but class kept getting postponed by them do to bad weather. They assured me that the Rmv would be notified and my license would not be suspended. This was not the case as a result i was arrested my car was towed and i have court fees. Do i have a case
Even if you had a civil case, you would still be liable for driving on a suspended license.
Would the cost of appealing a CWOF for potentially faulty breathalyzer be worth it financially?
According to reports on the website, there appears to be a potential issue with some breathalyzer results due to a certain cleaning solution being used which is resulting in improper results. I agreed to a CWOF in January of this year and received unsupervised supervision and the 24D disposition which mandates the 16-week DAE program. Would it be worth it to see if my case would potentially be one of the affected cases, and if i did appeal is there a potential of losing the CWOF disposition?
Possibility. It depends on what the other facts of your case were. Was there other evidence, other than the breath test,...
I got a dui 10 years ago.can I still get my license to carry or an F ID card in Massachusetts?
I was capught driving under the influence of alcohol. I went to court to fight it but I was found guilty. This was ten years ago.
A Firearm? I'm not exactly sure what you're referring to. If the avvo attorneys can't help you, consider calling...