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Can I lessen my 2nd offense dui (in 5 years) in the state of Virginia
My court date got pushed back 7 months which meant I did not have my license for an extra 7 months only to find out in court that from that point on my license would be suspended for a year and then 2 years of a restricted. This august (2014) will be 2 years since I got arrested and I won't actually get fully reinstated until March (2016) is there any way I can get those 7 months included into my license suspension? Also I have a job opportunity in SC and GA, because it has been so long since I received my dui, will I have my license there?
For a second DUI conviction within five years, the law mandates that your OL be suspended for three years. It is also...
Facing a felony hit and run charge what to expect?
I recently got a dui along with a felony hit and run. I know for the dui i will be doing a minium of 30 days as it is my 2nd and my BAC was over .20 last one happened over 5 years ago. At my bond hearing the hit and run was brought up but i was not charged yet. My PD said when the da decides to charge me i will find out. I am told he is in the process of doing so and that may not happen until my court date for the dui. i am worried they are stalling and the person i hit used there insurance instead of mine. Trying to find a regular lawyer because i am worried about my family and what they are going to do. How much will voluntary rehab and AA help me in getting charges reduced in the hit and run and doing only 30 days for the dui
While most public defenders do good work, in your case you may want to consult with an experienced criminal defense...
Steering/lock device -- does this new Virginia law effect a DUI received 4 years ago?
My son received a DUI approx. 4 years ago - breathalyzer .10. He did not immediately go back to get his license. DMV is instructing him that he is required to have a steering/lock device installed even though that was not the law when he received his DUI. He contacted a judge and to his dismay was told to get a lawyer...... All he needs to know is whether his DUI 4 years ago is subject to the new laws taking effect this year.
Yes, it does affect your son. 4 years ago, there was no requirement for ignition interlock. But now before any...
I recently received a court summons for a DUI. I have no prior convictions. What are the chances I will face jail time?
I am contacting lawyers in my area to help in my defense. Blood was taken at the scene, but retaken an hour later at the hospital because the tube used previously was passed the expiration date (which is all that I gathered while listening to the nurse and officer speak). The vehicle was totaled at the scene and I spent 12 hours in the hospital. I am curious as to what may happen on my court date? Any words of wisdom are welcome before I speak to an attorney. Thank you.
You definitely need to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney who specializes in DUIs. Blood draw cases have...
I got a DUI on probation is there anything I can do to help the matter?
I got charged with a DUI im really close to being off probation, no failed drug test, no missed report in, been trying to do my best. I screwed up, by drinking and driving. this is my first offense on this. I know im looking at a violation. but, can I try to do community service / alcohol classes. anything to try to show I made a mistake, but im wanting to show im working on it. I will be fine with just probation extention or harsher rules. im not a bad person, I just made a mistake.
Good people make bad mistakes all the time. The problem is that probation is seen by most judges as a gift, and when...
I was just charged with a DUI, im on probation at the moment. but im suppose to be released from probation before court.
Ive been charged with a DUI, and im on probation. Im suppose to be released off probation before my court date. What should I exspect to happen?
You should expect your probation officer to run a record check before terminating probation. At that time, he or she...
What could my punishment be
I got a DUI back in December last year. I was allowed a restricted licenses and all. I was pulled for speeding but was giving a ticket for 46.2-329 and then when i went for my 1st appearance the commonwealth amended it 18.2-272. I was told by VASAP that I was completely done with everything and to take my removal paper to DMV to get the S removed and I was done with everything but I found out different this night I was pulled over. Then the cop shows up at my friends house and tells them he filled out the ticket wrong and all.
Seems like your post is few sentences short of making sense. Punishment for what- the DUI? A new charge? Not...