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I have a pending dwi charge from September of 2011. What can I do to get this resolved?
I have a pending dwi charge from sept. 2011 it is now 2017 and I need this resolved. I blew a .09 and I was realeased on my own reconnaissance that night to a friend. My (old) attorney Appealed the conviction and the. I have a "FTC entered in error" on my record which resulted in me getting picked up at my job for jail when I was at court. it was a mess and now it's been 6 years and it's still lingering. I don't want to pay $100 bucks for a consultation if I don't know what I'm getting into.
DWI is a very serious charge and has lasting consequences. You will be better served to retain an attorney to find out...
Limitations on DUI?
I have a friend that had a DUI 10 years ago he was wondering would the steps be the same in him trying to acquire his licenses as 10 years ago. Or are there a statue of limitation on it.
It really depends on how the original charge was handled, the circumstances of the original charge, and the level of...
II want to take my dui classes in Gastonia north Carolina instead of South Carolina ?
I only have 1 thing against my license and that is a dui and I was born in 1965
Did you receive the charge in South Carolina? If so, you want to speak to your attorney there or the ADA to confirm you...
Can I get an old DWI re-opened and reduced to a lesser charge in order to get time served after three years with an IID?
I received 3 DWI's between 1999-2002, two of them back to back. I was ordered to 7 years IID in which I never completed. I chose instead not to drive and get my life back together from addiction. In 2014, I re-applied, was granted a hearing and received a conditional three year restoration. After completing, to my surprise and even my hearing officer, as she was congratulating me on being done, she noticed an issue that had been overlooked of the 1999 offense. She said she sadly must inform me I have to complete 4 more years, but I may have one of the old cases reduced and they would consider it time served. She said she would help any way she could. Since getting my original DWI's which are now 15-18 years old, I started a foundation that provides scholarships to help people get treatment, I opened a sober living house for marginalized individuals and I sit on the board of several addiction advocacy groups and needles to say, have been sober for many years now. What can be done to help me move on?
I don't know if you plead guilty or were found guilty of the 1999 DWI or if you failed to appear and it's still...
What are my chances I get my license back once I setup my hearing in one week?
I had a DWI back on 4-29-2011 and completed the assessment and class. On 4-09-2014 I received a DWI and today Tuesday 9/19/2017 I did my assessment for that and was told in about a week to call to setup a hearing with the DMV. Previously to pleading guilty to the second DWI I went to Wilmington Treatment Center, I then plead guilty to the DWI on 7-27-14 and was given Drug Court as my sentence from September 2014 through September 2015. (The judge dismissed the driving with a suspended license) so I completed the program in one year and graduated and the judge granted that my probation be terminated. I haven't had a license since 2011. I was given a one year limited driving privilege then and I know I can't receive another which is why I'm trying to get this hearing set as soon as I receive the email that the form has been accepted which she said takes about a week. I've paid off all of my DMV fines in September of 2015. I've had one DWI on 4-29-2011 and a 2nd DWI on 4-09-2014 and my Driving Record says the end date is 7-27-2018 to get my license back.
It REALLY is important to understand those hearings are by no means a foregone conclusion of getting a license back....
Can I still ask for a continuation?
I couldn't fine a lawyer to represent me for a DUI case. Now I have to show up by myself. What can I do now?
Yes, you can still seek a lawyer and ask for a continuance. It depends on how old the case is as to what happens. I...
Court date for criminal court?
A person was arrested in June for DWI. When i looked on the NC criminal docket system it showed a court date in October. This is carrabus county. It doesnt say what october court date is. Would this be the first court date someone enters a plea or would thier be muliple court dates just from these few facts. Person only has one other mv crime in 2015.
It would not be the first court date since the October date would be about four months after the initial arrest. DWI is...