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Is it possible to get a "DUI" off of my record?
When I was 18, I was pulled over for speeding (10 over). The police officer suspected me of drinking due to the smell of my passengers. I had previously consumed a few drinks but was confident I was ok. I agreed to a breathalyzer and blew a .05. I was given a citation, not detained, and allowed to drive home. Under the advice of my paid attorney, I plead guilty (hindsight tells me this was a mistake) and I received limited driving privileges and basic alcohol education classes. This was settled a while after the initial citation and after I had turned 19. On my record, I have a DUI. This has been extremely inconvenient recently. I am now 22, attend a university, and seeking engineering internships. Due to the nature of my desired career, a DUI on my record can be troublesome. Additionally, I was recently denied a purchase permit (NC) due to this being on my record. Is there any course of action that can be taken to rid the DUI on my record? This was the first offence, did not have a previous record, and have not been found guilty of a crime since. Is it worth obtaining paid legal representaion? Or am I doomed to live with a mistake I made while I was a teen? Thankyou
There is a difference between a conviction for DWI (or DUI) and Driving After Consuming Under Age 21 in North Carolina....
What to expect at DMV hearing for multiple dui?
8/30/15 first DUI offense (level 5) and another DUI offense 11/14/15 it was considered a level 5 due to court not seeing first DUI. My conviction date for the second one was 4/27/16. I’m eligible for a hearing next April and I have paid all court fees and fine and completed all required assessments and classes. 24 hours community service for each DUI and 20 hours alcohol assessment for each DUI also. I’m going to hire an attorney for my hearing but prior to speaking with one in person, what should I expect? I occasionally have a drink. Have never been behind the wheel since license was revoked, do not ride with people who have even had one drink, always Uber and I don’t consume any drugs. What are the chances that license will Be reinstated? I’m aware that I will have to obtain an interlock device and I am fine with that. Just curious as to how this experience plays out. I’m Fortunate enough to have an outstanding father who helps out whenever he can to give me ride to and from work. What are the DMV officers looking for?
Do not go into such a significant ordeal without an attorney. I have observed some DMV hearings go favorable and...
Its been 15 yrs since I got DUI. Just got third DUI what's the punishment?
This is my third DUI. Its been 15 yrs since I had DUI. I blow 09.What will happen in my case?I dont wont ho jail
No way to give you an educated guess without first seeing: Your driving history The dash cam video The charging...
What next for getting a citation for a dwi?
I was citated for a dwi my license were taken for 30 days granted I was given a 10 day driving certificate.I went to a drug assessment but they felt like it was unnecessary and denied me of the program this is my first DWI so what's the good and bad news
I suppose you had an assessment and their determination was you didn't need treatment.,.if that's the case, that's...
Can I avoid taking dui classes it's been 3 years since, being that it was my first dui is there a way to avoid the classes?
The classes are over 600$ the reasoning for my being breathalized at the scene was also an unfair ruling while i did blow well over the alcohol limit I was not charged for the accident that occurred I struck a pedestrian which I know sounds bad but I was not charged for that the pedestrian was carrying a case of beer across the highway and tried to run across. at the time of the accident the officer breathalized me only on the grounds that It smelled like beer which of course it would because the case of beer the man was carrying exploded the man was also heavily intoxicated at the time of the accident While I did plea guilty at the time I was wondering if maybe I could appeal my case with the dmv to something lesser some way to avoid the classes or if possible which im being highly optomistic because im a bit ignorant of how the law works but possibly get the whole dui dropped
Only way you can avoid ADETS classes or any form of treatment is if your assessor indicates in your assessment that no...
I recently got an Dwi my fourth but my lsat one was over 15 years ago can I convicted for habitual offender? ?
4th dwi charged but last conviction was over 15 years ago
The answer to this question rests entirely upon your state's law. Contact a local criminal defense attorney and give...
What punishments am i looking at with my second dui at a level 3?
I got my first dui in 2014, it was considered level 4. This second dui is considered a level 3. I blew a .15 the first time and .14 my second time. I rear ended a car this time but wasn't speeding, there was no damage to either car and nobody was injured.
If you were convicted in 2014 (or after) of a DWI, you are going to be at least a level 2. The potential punishment is...