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How can a lawyer help with my first dui?
I'm still going to get the blow box, and restricted license for a year, so how is the lawyer helping me? He wants $1500 so I'd like to know. Also can anyone estimate the the court costs and fines?
Gee, your lawyer is HELPING b/c they are investigating all facts and circumstances surrounding your traffic stop,...
Can I travel to Mexico with a DUI?
I had a first time DUI conviction Sept. 2016 in NC with the lowest (Level 5) punishment. Would I have any problems travelling to Cancun, Mexico in a few months? I am under unsupervised probation with a driving restriction but I'll be with family.
You shouldn't have any problems. Best of luck!
Can you receive a dui for paxil
I was already out of my car when a trailor hit me. The police let the guy go and btout me to have bloodwork done , they couldd not get me for my precribed narcotic but gave me a dui for the paxil i have been taken forva numbr:of yesrsc. 10 mg
I'm moving your question over the Criminal Defense category; someone there will be better able to assist you.
Will i be facing jail time for a dui wreck?
Ive been charged with a misdemenor child abuse,Driving while impared,Reckless driving to endanger. Had a car wreck in process.Will i be facing jail time? Ive already spent a week in jail.
Based on these facts, you might be in some serious trouble. I would advise reaching out to a criminal defense attorney...
Will north Carolina extradite for a dwi?
went to court for first appearance in concord, n.c. and the judge said that the max penalty was 3 years. was arrested at Wal-Mart parking lot sitting not driving but truck was running.
Perhaps no way to know without asking the prosecting Attorney who has the authority. best to hire a Criminal Defense...
North Carolina driving privilege suspended for not submitting Form 508 to the DMV
I was convicted of a DWI in May 2016 and completed 20 hours of substance abuse treatment. My lawyer obtained a limited driving privilege with an ignition interlock. The license suspension was scheduled to be lifted on May 10, 2017 upon which I could have my driving license reinstated. However, today I received a letter from the North Carolina DMV stating that my driving privilege has been suspended as they have not received an approved Form 508 from NC DWI Services. I realize that this might be the fault of the treatment center for not sending the form. I'm not sure how to interpret the letter, i.e, whether my limited driving privilege that is valid until 5/10/2017 has been suspended effective immediately or just that my driving license won't be reinstated on May 10? Excerpt from the letter - "We regret to inform you that your driving privilege is suspended for an alcohol related suspension. In accordance with GS 20-17.6, this suspension is scheduled to be indefinitely extended 12:01 AM 5/10/2017, because the DMV has not received an approved Form 508."
It means no driving -at all-at least until this is resolved. Was the agency which assessed you the sane but becwhere...
Can we get the charges dropped or reduced so my son can get on with his life?
My son who is 20 was stopped on 12-10-16 for being under the influence of pot while driving home. The cop arrested him and took him to jail. They drew his blood that same day and sent it to the crime lab in NC. He has been to court 4 times and each time the test results aren't back. He is wanting to join the service but can't until this is taken care of. How long do we have to wait?
You need to hire an attorney. This case should have been dismissed based on the states failure to produce the evidence...