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Will the first DWI still be considered a first offense?
My friend has gotten a DWI - first offense charge in North Carolina and then received a DUI - first offense in South Carolina. He has already been found guilty in South Carolina, but hasn't had the hearing yet for the North Carolina one.
North Carolina will review the record for convictions, regardless of the date of offense, within the past 7 years. So,...
What should I expect as I have never been in superior court before? I was told nothing would be decided this day
I was charged with felony dui last year. I have been through probable cause, and my first court date is set for next week. They took blood, and I do not know if it is back, all I know is I went from having no court date to having one within two weeks. I have used the same lawyer for years, and he hasn't contacted me to talk to me about the case. I have called him but I imagine he is very busy because court has been closed a couple days due to bad weather. This is my "arraignment" from district to superior from what his paralegal said.
It sounds like your attorney's paralegal is probably right. First time in superior court after an appeal is probably...
What should it cost to take a substance abuse class in GA that will satisfy NC requirements?
I received a DUI with a disorderly conduct charge in NC and had my NC license revoked. Since that time, I have moved to Georgia. A company in NC is telling me that it will cost $750 to get an out of state assessment.
By statute in NC the assessment is $100. The classes are extra, and may be what they were telling you about.
Do I need to contact a NC lawyer or a IL lawyer in-order to have my driving privileges intact
I got DUI in california on a NC license. But not got convicted of DUI, instead got charged with wet reckless. I am paying my fine and completing my community service. Now I am moving to Chicago from NC. What are the options I have in terms of getting a new IL license. I am currently in Chicago. CA DMV suspended my driving privileges on Dec 27th. I checked with the NC DMV for my license status, it is still active. But I am sure CA will notify NC about the case and eventually NC DMV will suspend my license. Please correct me if I am wrong . DO you suggest me to contact a NC attorney to get the things sorted in NC first before getting a IL license. I don't live in NC anymore. Thanks
NC. Does not have a charge of "wet reckless." You must complete all CA requirements to be cleared through Sacramento....
Can one do 3 days in rehab in lieu for 72 hours of community service for a level 3 dwi?
can one do 3 days in rehab in lieu for 72 hours of community service for a level 3 dwi?
Probably not. That is my guess. You must do the community service hours usually. Rehab can sometimes lessen the jail...
Can I get special court/ judges permission to drive for work?
I live in Mecklenburg county NC. I lost my lisc due to a 2nd dui. The court did not order the interlock system. However the DMV sent letters stating I must have it on any car I own/drive. If I don't own a car can I drive? I have a cdl. Is it possible to get the judge who saw the case to grant me privileged driving while at work?
All depends on when you 1st DWI was. My hunch is that it was within the past 5 years, which is why the DMV is...
Can I get my license reinstated if I have a warrant out in another state?
I got a DUI in GA a little over a year ago and that put in a financial bind and forced me to move back home to NC. My probation was supposed to be terminated after it was paid off and I completed the conditions which I did, but the probation office was still trying to contact me after to report. Since I didn't, I'm not really certain if they put a warrant out on me or not.
If you want to find out if there is a warrant for your arrest issued by probation, you need to call the probation...