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DUI possession of marijuana failure to transport correctly
I got a DUI failure to transport correctly and possession of marijuana my lawyer advised me to take impaired driving and failure to transport correctly he said I would not get probation I do have my marijuana cards so how can they test me for marijuana if I did get probation
You are required to obey the rules of your probation. A Judge can tell you that you cannot use marijuana while on...
DUI then arrested for domestic violence will bond be able to be posted in order to get out?
If my boyfriend got a DUI months ago and has still not went to court for it but recently got arrested for domestic abuse will he be able to be bonded out or will they hold him and make him serve time without a bond?
The short answer is a bond is a financial obligation to post money to ensure the individual returns and appears for all...
I was pulled over for a dui and I was wondering if I will go to jail?
Hello I was pulled over for dui and I blew a .15 I was taken to jail for the night and now out on bond for $100. It is my first offense I am about graduate college early and I have never been involved with the law my entire life. I'm so scared to go back to jail ever again. Would it help my situation if I started to go to AA meetings and alcohol and driving classes before I even go to court? I want to be as pro active as I can so any help would be amazing
That may help, depending on a variety of factors, and whether there was an accident involved, and whether any one was...
How do I take care of a dui in westland mi. from 99 ? no statue of limitations ?
job transferred me out of area . an I never looked back .
If you were charged back in 1999, then you most likely have a warrant. The warrant and charge doesn't go away until...
Can your probation officer order a drug test on the review date of your case? When handling a juvenile probation case
My case review date is tomorrow for petty theft and minor in possession. I was wondering if my probation officer can order a drug test that day because I work a double shift that day and the next.
Sure, why not? If you are on probation still then yes.
Will I be drug tested in court?
I got pulled over for speeding and turned out I had a suspended license for failure to pay a fine I irresponsibly forgot about. I was arrested. I have court in 28 days. When I was being booked an officer found two Percocet in my wallet. I have a script for them from two weeks ago from a dental surgery. I did not have the script bottle with me but can prove that I have it. They are not charging me with anything related to this. But I'm worried it may trigger the judge to drug test me. I smoke marijuana daily and not legally either. Obviously, I'm done smoking until after this is all over but I'm sure there would still be traces of thc in my system by the time of my court date. What are the chances of the judge asking me to drug test? If I'm not being charged with any drug charges is it my right to deny a drug test in the event that they do ask?
Stop smoking now and remain clean at least while this case is pending. It is possible that the court will ask about...
Can I have a glass of wine tonight?
I am in a morning routine if PBT's. I also have random drug tests. I don't have a drug test tomorrow. I've read that a glass of wine won't hurt, it being Valentin's day and all I'd like to treat myself.
Absolutely NOT. Presumably you are on 'random PBT's' as an order of the court either through a probation order or a...