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I got a drunk driving witha high bac the prosecuter dropped it to first offense i ped guilty.probation of course.
i only went to probatoin once i didnt do anything the judge ordered . i went to jail for a few days when he sentence. me. then i was picked up for not doing my community service and sat again. i had to move since and am no longer in michigan. i have missed a show cause hearing. how far can they come get me and can my charges change from misdemeanor?
Contact your attorney. David B. Snyder, Esq. 6876 Buckley Road Syracuse, NY 13212 315-451-3040 http://www....
Is vehicle immobilization always mandatory after 3rd DUI? I have a lease!
Still have 9 months remaining on my lease and I was unable to register my car when the registration expired due to my license being revoked after my 3rd DUI. I was already driving on a restricted license, but had the breathalizer removed over 6 years ago but never removed the other restrictions. So now its revoked but I am eligible right now to get my license back but what is the point if I have a 1 year vehicle immobilization. Plus it is a lease. Am I better off just turning the lease in so I won't have any car in my name and it can't be immobilized? Or let it be immobilized and try to get license back and get the immobilization lifted ( I heard this could happen if I do get my license back with breathalizer in the car). What a f'in drag!!!!!!!!!!
You need to do a few things. (1) Get a copy of your master driving record; (2) Take the master driving record to an...
It's been about ten years since my son's second DUI when he lost his license. How can I help him get it back?
I think things got worse for my son before it got better. His dad was seriously ill and then died a few years later. He has grown a lot over the years. He has his own place of residence and pays all his own bills. He walks to most places and or pays for public transportation, especially going to work and back. Him not having a license, limits his place of employment, and becoming more independent. As a parent how can I help him the most to get his license back after all these years?
Your son should hire an attorney that is proficient in driver's license restoration. There is a lot of paperwork and...
I failed a PBT order by the judge before the sentencing of my second DUI what could happen?
I'm really scared for my job and my family and just want some answers
When you say you failed a PBT order does that mean you failed a PBT and tested positive for alcohol or you just missed...
I got a second DUI i went to court and they wanted random pbt. I was taking NyQuil because I been sick and blew a 0.14.
I just want to know what can possibly happen at this point for blowing over and I haven't been back to court yet for the second.
a .14 with only nyquil?? Did you drink an entire case? Second DUIs are serious. Contact a local DUI lawyer for a...
Driving without ignition interlock device
I have a friend who is driving a company vehicle on a restricted license without a blow and go. She only drives the work vehicle for work, but what happens if she gets caught without the ignition interlock device? I want to scare her straight.
She could be reported to the Secretary of State, because she will be charged with Violation of a Restricted License,...
How long of a wait are we looking at?
My fiancee got two Dui charges last year within a two week span one in Clinton Twp and the other in New Baltimore. Showed up for the first court date on both but didn't go to the rest. Ended up getting arrested riding with someone that got pulled over and has been in there since Oct 4th. Has done the PSI for Clinton township but new Baltimore has yet to even give him a bail hearing (supposedly going to happen this week). He is supposed to get time served and probation next Monday for sentencing but we are just wondering if new Baltimore would arraign and sentence the same day since they have to put him under the same parole officer or if they would have to go through the whole process and possibly have to wait another month or two for new Baltimore.
Your post suggests he intends on entering a plea of guilty to the pending charge. The law requires alcohol screening...