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DUI and multiple traffic violations
I got a DUI put I got hit with bunch of Tickets is that normal I was drunk it's like he hit me with every ticket he could when he followed me for a long time.
That is normal those r the probable cause tickets that go along w the d u I. A qualified d u i attorney should b able...
What do I need to do if I obtained a RI license before my CT license was suspended?
I was in the middle of moving to RI from CT when I was arrested for a DUI. My CT license was not suspended yet and I had to buy a vehicle due to the loss of mine. I had it registered in RI so I needed to get a RI license before I could get the car. The DMV took my CT license. The beginning of the suspension is coming up and I don't know who I have to notify to let them know I now have a RI license and what will happen with the suspension.
U should b suspended on the nationwide computer. That just basically means RI won't give u a license under the...
Scary foreign object in great value sugar...
Found a piece of a zip tie that looks as if it is covered in old blood, there is duct tape wrapped around it and in its entirety looks looks a blow dart. We ate just bout all the sugar before finding it on the bottom. How can we find out if it is blood and what can we do?
How bout goin to emergency or ur primary care physical and getting a blood test
I got a DUI in CT in 1994. I completed the AR program.
I live in Rhode Island I am applying for a concealed carry permit. Do I have to disclose that as an arrest? As a conviction? As pleaded guilty? Or not at all.
Yes u need to disclose it. RI will ask u for the sentence. That's assuming u plead guilty and u were convicted
Can i pay the courts for community service hours in Rhode Island?
I lost my license 3+ years ago for speeding and was required to do the 6 week driving course for 850$ and 60 hours community service. Since my license is lost and i am far from places that accepts community service unless i pay for rides from family/friends or taxi both of which i cannot afford because i cant work with no car. Soo you can see how i am stuck. Would i be able offer the courts 10$ per hour of my community service and 850$ same day and get my license back so i can actually drive to my driving course for 6 weeks? If so how? Thanks. Also if you're a lawer in the area that can make it happen i would love to hire you.
It is very unusual that you're in a place that does not have a non-profit organization, church, or charity that will...
My son received a dwi in New Hampshire , he has a Rhode Island license. How does effect his Rhode Island license?
He registered .11 on breathalyzer
You should make sure he is represented by an attorney in New Hampshire. They will best be able to advise you of...
If a cop pulls somebody over for a DUI but instead gives them a traffic ticket, is the DUI information carried to traffic court?
Lets say you're pulled over and the cop breathalyzes you and you're over the limit and instead of detaining you, gives you a ride home and gives you a speeding ticket. If you challenge the ticket in court, can the cop use the fact that you were driving under the influence against you? Or is that dismissed since you weren't charged with a DUI?
First of all, it wounds like you may have dodged a bullet. The state can bring the DUI charges against you at any time...