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Is driving when taking a daily prescrip of adderall for ADHD a DUI? Without treatment u will have a distracted driver.
I'd be a distracted and dangerous driver. One could compare past driving record to now and see no wrecks or tickets in recent years. I would think distracted driving is more dangerous. It's not like 20 mg makes me high. I still suffer exhausted fatigue anyway even taking it. The dopamine affect is also to treat fibromyalgia, speaking of which, pain and fatigue can be distracting too. Very much so. That's why my doctor wouldn't let me work the hospital cause pain is very distracting.
Driving while under the influence of a prescription drug can be DUI. If your doctor understands you will drive with...
Can I be charged with a DUI when I was not searched or given any kind of sobriety test?
I allowed my friends to use my vehicle & they smoked marijuana In it & when I got it back & was driving home I went through a roadblock & the officer smelled it. he had me pull an extra 75 feet to get out of road & never received ANY kind of sobriety test, nor was I searched, even when being booked in. Nothing was found in my car when it was searched, I was put in handcuffs, taken to jail, got booked in, & sat in the drunk tank for 4 hours, still in the clothes I was arrested in. had insurance, license, etc. everything on me & my vehicle & everything that was in it my vehicle was legal except expection sticker. Court Tuesday. Guilty or not guilty? Can I fight it since no test was given to me & since he had me drive after being accused of being under the influence?
Based upon your side of the story only, it sounds like you have a good chance of winning. However, we don't know what...
I was in a wreck and because I had a prescription of Xanax in my purse I got a dui ticket
I hit my head on the steering wheel and the only fst he gave me was watching his finger. I had just taken a blow to my eye. He said I failed and gave me a dui ticket. A dog ran out in front of me and I wasn't going to swerve because I have always been told not to. My tire hit the gravel and I ran off the road hitting a fence. The Sherrifs dept got there and took my purse immediately. The hwy patrol came to the ambulance and told me he suspected I was under the influence. He did the fst and drew blood after I got to hospital. My eye was almost swollen shut. But he chose to do the eye test.
As for the "eye test," please review my previous answer. DUI "other substance" charges are quite common. Many people...
How many field sobriety tests are supposed to be given for suspecting dui
Was in a wreck and only was given 1 test. The eye test. I took a blow to the eye and don't feel it was fair
Good question. In Mississippi, there is no requirement for officers to offer any field sobriety tests (FSTs) at all....
Kansas Dui help out of state
I was in a motorcycle wreck in 2012 while visiting my mom in Kansas and was taken to the hospital. I was never arrested. I have lived in Mississippi for 20 years now. I did live in Kansas as a child. I just went to have my MS license renewed and was told that Kansas had a block on it and gave me a number to call. The lady at the Kansas DVM said I had been convicted of DUI due to a blood alcohol test done in the hospital. She told me I needed to write a letter stating that I was no longer a resident of Kansas and list my name, ss# address etc along with a money order or check for $25. She said I would then receive a letter of instructions to follow. Is there anything I can do?
Your best course of action is to discuss with a DUI attorney in Kansas. Good luck.
Can a sherriff deputy take your purse out of your car without your permission in a 1 car mvc?
I was in a one car mvc. The Sherrifs deputy came to my car while I was talking to paramedic and took my purse. I had my prescription for Xanax in there. It dominoed from there. When the hwy patrol pulled up they went thru my purse with a fine tooth comb. It had been 10 hrs since I had taken my medication. 1 mg. he gave me a dui. He never talked to me until after he gave me the ticket and I consented to a blood test. Waiting on results now. He only gave me the eye test but I had hit the steering wheel with my eye. How fair is that. He said I failed. So now as I wait on toxicology report my anxiety is really out the roof. Can the Sherrifs deputy get my purse and can he give me a dui without a series of tests.
You received a DUI. There is a question of suppression, but you will need representation. Please seek counsel
How to beat a public intoxication in Prentiss County Mississippi?
I pulled in a gas station as I was getting out of my car I am blue lighted for a expired tag. I explained to officer I had just bought the car. He asked if I had been drinking I told him I had 1 beer several hours prior with supper. Search of vehicle find one old beer wedged under passenger seat. I was not ask if they could search my car either. I took a breathalyzer and blew .023 and was took to jail for public drunk and possession of the beer. How can I beat this because I was not intoxicated in any way. The store clerk is willing to testify that I wasn't drunk. What can I do?
If you retain an attorney to help you, the attorney can seek to have the public drunk charge dismissed after...