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I was arrested for a DUI after I ran into a tree with a BAC of .25. What should I expect?
This is my first offense.
. . . a whopping headache the next day. You can expect strict conditions of bond- maybe ignition interlock...
Is opting to participate in the WV IID deferral program the best course of action after a 1st offense DUI?
Wondering if it came to be the cheaper option.
if you don't get a response from a local attorney get on the phone and find an experienced criminal defense attorney in...
Do WV police have the right to breathalyze me if I am underage and at a bar?
I got breathalized to night and the police were A) very rude and B)I think it violates my rights. I was not drinking since I was the driver and I want not acting ion a drunk manner. I was not getting into my car I was in line going to the restroom when they pulled me and my friend ( who was 21, I was driving her) out of line.
The police "right" is probable cause and your Bill of Rights on this topic is found in the Fourth Amendment The...
Do Virginia and West Virginia share DUI laws?
Reason asking, I got a dui in Va Oct of 2006. When i checked my Wv driving record 3 months later, my license was clean, no points, no convictions, nothing. At court they said my Va drivers license would be suspended, i dont have a Va license. But my Wv license was never hit with anything. I am still confused, i know its been awhile, but should i fear driving in Va? i have 3 copies of my driving record in the car at all times (3 done over a year after my conviction).
When someone not licensed in a particular state receives a DUI in that state, the arresting state creates a record of...
Can a person be charged with d.u.i. if not seen driving vehicle or even behind steering wheel of vehicle?
person charged with dui the following day after police officer let person that was supposedly to drunk to drive (and not seen behind steering wheel of vehicle)walk 4 miles to home on the side of a major hiway at 11:00 pm at night during a snow storm
You were interviewed by your vehicle but not operating it nor sitting in it. It kind of begs the question "how did your...
Can the results be used at trail.can the field sobriety test be used at trail
Can a field sobriety test results be used at trail .in the state of wv .no breath or blood was taken at hospital or jail .
Yes, the administration of roadside field sobriety exercises can be presented by the state at trial; however, their...
My friend was on house arrest for a 3rd offense DUI, he's back in jail because of a "Pretrial Misdemeanor" What does that mean?
A friend of mine was placed on house arrest after receiving his 3rd offense DUI. I believe he got sentenced to 2 or 2 1/2 years. However, I haven't been able to get ahold of him for a while now, so I ended up checking the current inmates for our state (West Virginia) online and go figure, there he was! It says he was booked on 3/2/16, so he's been in there over a month, his bail is set at $1,000, and above his name it says PTM - Pretrial Misdemeanor. What does that mean? Did he violate his house arrest or is this a whole new charge?
Those codes on the jail website are usually incorrect, but not always. If your friend is in jail, it is most likely...