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If i got charged with a DUI will I get tested for marijuana
I have a court date coming up next week and I recently smoked I need to know if I'm okay or not
Probably not, but I suggest you hire a criminal defense attorney, if you do not already have one, who handles DUI cases....
What do I do if I was arrested for dui, and I wasn't driving?
Friends of ours came in the club and told me she was wrecked in a ditch!! So I come out and see her car in the ditch with the lights on! I run to her and she's drunk behind the wheel. So I put her in "the car I was in" and a friend of ours dropped her off. Ok, the police pulls up and see me trying to get the car out the ditch, I told them what happened and they said ok. Literally ok!! We were waiting on a tow truck that the officers called for, a state trooper pulls up asking the officers questions then he came to me. So I asked him politely why are you asking me for my ID? That's when he said he wants to do the drinking test, on me.. I refused, cause yes I was drinking, I was at the club, but I was not driving at all!! He locked me up, I still had to help her get the car out the pound, and they took and suspended my license!! I had a lawyer and he pushed my court date back, but he didnt want to work with me because I lost my job at the time for not having a ready reliable ride everyday, so I've been waiting for my court date and it hasn't came yet.. it happened on May 22 2016 and I went to the DMV and they said that my license is suspended with a $100 reinstatement fee!! Adsap t
You would be well advised to obtain a criminal defense attorney, prior to the trial date. Hopefully the woman whom you...
What are my chances of getting a DUI reduced?
Pulled over at 130 am. I didn't do very well on the field sobriety tests. I did refuse the breathalyzer. I cooperated with the officer. What are my chances of having this reduced to reckless driving or dismissed?
Honestly? Low to none. The test was videotaped, most likely. That with the officer saying you appeared drunk is all it...
When the office of motor vehicle hearings has ruled that the actions by the department be rescinded.
I was convicted of a DUI after DMVH had determined my driving privileges are clear. I thought it was all over until a magistrate found me guilty at a bench trial that I was not present for.
You would be well advised to retain the services of a criminal defense attorney, as there may also be an outstanding...
What will happen if I fail a 3 month follow up drug test?
So I was sent to rehab in another city, and live in my home city however many miles away now and apparently the judge who released me from rehab is requesting a drug test... what will happen If I fail it? I was in rehab for xanax, cocaine, and weed, and I only have weed in my system now.
It's up to the judge but I can say this.. it isn't going to be pretty.. He gave you a chance at rehab and you're still...
I have a license suspension in ohio and I want to get driving privilages in sc cause my suspension Is mandatory in ohio is it po
I had a failure to comply in ohio that was a mandatory 3 year suspension in ohio I now live In south carolin can I get driVing privlages here
Probably not as S.C. belongs to Interstate Drivers License Compact. Furthermore, you will be asked to sign something...
How much time will I receive for being terminated from drug court and can I get back in
How much time will I receive for being terminated from drug court and can I get back in i've been terminated from drug court and South Carolina my original charge was manufactured in methamphetamine is there anything I can do to stay out of prison or be reinstated
This really depends on lots of things, including why you were terminated.