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Can I be charged with a dui at arraignment?
I accidetly hit a mailbox and didn't notice it was less than 40 dollars in damage later a cop came and cited me for leaving the scene. I heard the da can try to charge me with a dui is this true? I wasnt drinking it was only a hour after the cop came he didn't breathalize me
You should contact a criminal defense attorney to discuss your specific case. People have been charged with DUI when...
Can a LPN in state of nebraska be charged with possession of "legend" drug?
LPN working at a retirement home, handing out medication, been there for over 2 years and knows their patient, one individual didn't want to take their medication but knew that within 10 minutes they would take it, the LPN didn't dispose of it, but held onto it to give to the patient in that 10 minutes, is this possession of a "legend" drug? if so what is the difference between that and when a nurse takes a medication cart around to all patients, those are not her medication but of someone else that they are moving?
If charges have been brought or are threatened, the LPN needs to hire a lawyer. The problem isn't going to get fixed...
Is this even legal?
I was driving down a county road going to work. I wasn't speeding or appeared to be under the influence of any drugs. There was a random regulatory safety check to pull over my car and ask for my license and registration. I didn't have my license cause it was suspended. So i went to jail.. but my question is was the stop even legal. I was driving just fine on my way to work and this State Patrol officer tells me to stop . There was a sign beforehand,, but i didnt catch it in time
This issue is state specific and, from what you say, is legal in Nebraska. I gather from what you say that a sign was...
I was pulled over in nabraska and I had drugs on me thay got the drugs and charged me with possesion it's a felon 4
Thay let me bail out for $250 and told me to be back for court But I live in pa and couldint make it back now will thay send me back if I get pulled over in pa
Get an attorney in Nebraska to appear for you. It will avoid all kinds of trouble and you won't have to look over your...
Can I testify against my husband on a DWI charge that he has?
My husband got a DWI in September of 2016 and his current lawyer has not done a very good job and now he has a new lawyer and that lawyer has told him that I will be testify because the prosecute has me testifying and I don't feel I can do it.
There is something called marital privilege in Nebraska evidence law that prevents spouses from testifying in certain...
Hi! Just wanted to ask experienced lawyers a question
I got charged in Nebraska with 3rd Refusal DWI with no accidents and a tape showing that drove good and didn't make any mistakes from the cop car. Which he pulled me over because he said I weaved within a lane which was not true if you look at the tape. Any way I've been wearing scramfor ten months 8 dollars a day and completed 3 months treatment , went to AA meetings and installed my interlock before sentencing. My lawyer was asking me on motion to suppress do you want to risk to win or not it's 50/50 or you plead guilty and they take a felony off. I said ok because to high of a risk . So now I've got sentenced with 4 years of probation and 5 years revocation license. And 20 days house arrest. I talked to many people that had 3rd DWi and they all said you got screwed.. is that true? Because all of them mostly got 2 or 3 years for both probation and license revocation . Please let me know what you think?
You don't have a felony on your record, your right to own guns has not been suspended, your right to vote has not been...
I was charged with dui an refusal of a chemical test I was not in a motel vehicle did not any keys my possession
They dismissed all charges but I can't get my license back becomes of the refusal
You should have contested the initial revocation on the ALR. Provide the dismissal documents and they may agree to...