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Will I get locked up again for not doing my community service ?
I received my first DUI in July I had to do 7 counseling classes which I paid and completed them. Also was given 20 hours of Community service but I haven't done 1 hour of it. Since the DUI I have not had a vehicle, one I totaled it, two my D.L. got suspended. It's very difficult for me to get a ride, the only person I know out here is my husband's grandma and he gets rides to work from her. We are new in this town.
Whenever a person has not done something ordered by a court, a consequence such as jail time is a possibility. It is...
I got a dui last night in my car, but my dad has insurance on it and says insurers name is my dads. Will his I insurance go up?
My dad has insurance on a car that I drive, I don't have any insurance under my name and I'm not named on the insurance my name is only on my tittle.....I'm wondering if his insurance will go up, I hope not he is going to be so upset....never ever making this stupid choice again. My first dui at 27 years old in Kentucky.
This is not a legal question. You need to talk to your insurance agent about whether it will affect your Dad's...
What's the chances of getting a dui dismissed?
My husband is on probation in Nelson County and he got a DUI (1st aggarvated) in Marion County. What's the chances of getting the DUI threw out so his probation will not get revoked? Any suggestions on Attorneys for this area?
There is no way someone can tell you the chances of his getting the Marion case dismissed in a forum like this -- it...
Son get dui in bardstown, ky, working there on pipeline, home is jackson, ms. they say we need to sign a 500 dollar surity bond.
who can do that? it is a 7 hour drive for us, can anyone sign that is not family?
You need to contact a local criminal defense attorney in your area to advise you. Hire an attorney to assist. www.kacdl....
How much does it cost to have a DUI expunged from my record?
Do I have to wait for a certain amount of years?
I am assuming that you qualify for a DUI expungement. In Kentucky, the general rule is that you must wait five (5)...
Can I be charged with DUI or public intoxication on my own property?
Husband was first charged with DUI in yard a year ago, been reset 14 times and now is being offered a PI and drop the DUI
Yes, you can be charged with DUI in your own driveway, yard, etc. Depending on the circumstances, a person can also...
DUIs planing to apply for Humanitarian asylum
I have F1 visa and I had 3DUIs in the past. I'm planing to apply for Humanitarian asylum.. did the DUIs that I had will have any impact on my Humanitarian asylum? Can my application be rejected ? Because of it ?
Your DUIs will impact whether asylum is granted to you as a matter of discretion. Your asylum application may be denied...