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Can I get my license back early?
I was assigned to a defensive driving school and DMV still suspended my license
What were you charged with? You posted this in the DWI question section. Without further details , can't give you any...
Any recourse with DMV and maybe Smart Start? Several problems with their interlocks.
My Smart Start interlock (set at .04) registered between .015 and .025 for 30 minutes, 3 minutes later, .04, then .096. 3 minutes later, .021 then .016. DMV threatens suspension.
Take it in to be checked. And make sure you file a request for a hearing with DMV. You could also consider hiring an...
What if I skip state before the conviction of my dui?
Went to hearing and had continences, no plea yet. Any chance I could leave and have a liscence in another state?
If your license is suspended in one state, then it will be suspended in all states. If you skip the state, you'll have...
I am applying for an NC medical license but plead guilty to a DWI last year. Will this limit my ability to get a license?
I recently completed medical school but unfortunately got a DWI between graduation and applying for my medical license. I have informed my residency program; they are aware but have not rescinded their offer. Soon I will be applying for a trainee medical license. Will there be an issue? I have no other legal history.
It will be an "issue" but it won't be a disqualifier. They are going to ask you about it, and want to know what steps (...
Is a DUI assessment confidential, given only to the judge?
The assessment is not shared with employers or licensing boards?
A DWI assessment is used by the Court to determine sentencing and/or treatment options. Technically, it's not required...
How will my NY DWAI (Under .07 BAC) transfer to NC?
Approximately 1.5 yrs ago I was convicted of a DWAI in New York State (DWAI BAC under .07, a traffic violation as opposed to a misdemeanor). I have just moved to NC and will be transferring my license shortly. I understand that most states share information with a license transfer, however there is no statute for DWAI in NC. Only the greater charge of DWI. I really am scared that through the transfer the NC DMV will up-charge me to a DWI. I spent a lot of time and money ensuring that I was not convicted of a DWI. Can someone please give me some insight into this / whether I have any recourse if they do list my conviction as a DWI? Thank you
When you refer to convictions "transferring" you are essentially talking about the Interstate Compact which links of...
Do I still have to have an interlock device put on my car?
I got a DUI in NC in May of 2010. I was ordered to not drive for a year and then to have an interlock device put on my car for a year. I had to sell my car to pay my lawyer and never got an interlock device, I just stopped driving. Since it is past the period that I would have had the device, if I go to get a license now do I still need to get the interlock? Is there any way to fight this? I need a valid license for a job I'm applying to but still won't have a car.
Yesw, you need the interlock. You are saying if I just ignore it, it will go away. Get a clue.