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  • CNN Touts 'Deep Distrust and Suspicion' of Feds at V...

    Jan 5, 2016 | via 

    On Monday's Anderson Cooper 360 , CNN's Gary Tuchman zeroed in on how a " deep distrust and suspicion of the motivations of the federal government " was " extremely prevalent " at the quarterly Nation's Gun Show in northern Virginia. Tuchman hounded the president of the company which runs the event over her view that " the end game with a lot of Democrats is to confiscate " guns.


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Charged with DWI 3rd but plead guilty to DWI 2nd. Court suspended license for 3 years but DMV suspended for 5.
I was charged with 3rd DWI in 10 years but plead guilty to 2nd DWI in 5 in court. All of the DWI's occurred within 10 years but due to a clerical error by the magistrates office they were unable to have the 1st DWI certified before my court date. Since I plead guilty to the 2nd the judge notified me I will have my license suspended for 3 years and will be able to obtain a restricted license after the 1st year with an ignition interlock. I've checked with the DMV and on my compliance summary it says I must petition the court for a restricted after 3 years or wait 5 years for a full restoration. Is there any way I can get a hearing to see if the DMV will remove their revocation and follow the courts guidelines? Or am I going to have to wait the 3 years before petitioning for a restricted?
Many people have this type of problem with the DMV. Unfortunately, the DMV tends to disregard the conviction as it is...
Can a charge be nolle prossed and refiled twice?
I was charged with DWI 2nd offense within 5 years. At my first court date they nolle prossed the charges and wanted to refile them as a 3rd in 10 years. I was told to turn myself in on the Felony warrant within 48 hours. Upon turning myself in I was issued a Misdemeanor summons and released. On the summons it states that did not hold as charge so it could not be used as a predicate offense. Is there anyway the Commonwealth Attorney can ignore the Magistrate's amended charge and refile as a felony again? Can the same same charge be nolle prossed twice? Also, I was only served a summons for the DWI and not the Refusal to take a Breathalyzer charge. Do they have to serve me the summons on the Refusal in order to charge me?
Yes it can be done twice. No they don't have to serve you with the summons. They can wait until you come to court on...
Can I dismiss/minimize Drunk on Public charges in Fairfax County, Virginia without a lawyer ?
I have hard time financially to hire a lawyer to defend me at court on Dec 21st, 2012. Here is a summary of incident: There was a disagreement over a bar drinks bill between my friends and bar manager. Although I intended to pay the bill from the beginning, my friend and bar manager agreed to call the police. While police was on the way, I gave my cards to the manager and took the entire bill upon myself. Upon arrival of the police in site, bills were already paid off. However, the police arrested my friend who still was questioning the bill. To his rescue, I stepped forward with receipt on my hands, but police arrested me anyways. At detention center, police drew his blood but not mine. How can I best help myself from here on ? Should I contact the police as Magistrate suggested ?
While I don't practice in VA, it sounds as if you have a defensible case. There have got to be some attorneys there who...
How can I dismiss, minimize penalty or record on Drunk in Public case in Fairfax County, Virginia?
We were at a bar in Fairfax County, Virginia. When the bar closed, a bill of $230 was given to me. I asked two other friends to split the bill with me, but they refused stating that some of the purchase in the bill also belonged to others on the table who had already left the bar. The bar manager said he would call police, and I requested not to. My other friend agreed to have police in site. While police were on their way, I went ahead and paid the entire bill with my cards. Upon arrival, police handcuffed other friend right away, and turned to me. I said I had already paid the bill, he handcuffed me anyways. We were taken to a detention center to sober up. They took my friends blood sample, but not mine. I just want the simplest and best solution of this case on court for me.
I know a very simple and effective solution: retain a very competent attorney who practices in the area of traffic law...
Do I need to stop drinking the entire time I am in VASAP/under probation?
I received a DUI conviction in August. I am currently in VASAP classes. I have looked through all my paperwork, but nowhere do I see that the terms of my probation require me to abstain from alcohol completely (only at ASAP facilities). However, I've been seeing a lot online that I need to abstain completely from alcohol the entire year - can anyone clarify this for me? I don't want to accidentally violate probation. Thank you.
You probably want to get this answer form your former attorney and/or probation officer instead at having someone guess...
The final disposition a Drunk in Public case was "Dismissed." Does that mean the person was or was not convicted?
The person pled GUILTY to Drunk in Public in the Commonwealth of Virginia Charge : DRUNK IN PUBLIC Code Section : 17-7 Case Type : Misdemeanor Class : 4
Without looking at the court records myself, it sounds as though the judge allowed for the matter to be taken "under...
How will a dismissed/expunged DUI affect citizenship?
I was charged with a DWI first offense in Fairfax County VA. The officer made a mistake by arresting me and I hired a lawyer. The case was obviously dismissed by the judge and the charges expunged. I am a US permanent resident and am now eligible for citizenship, do I have to mention this incident on my N-400 (because my case was dismissed and expunged therefore it "legally" never happened). Furthermore, am I going to face any problems with obtaining my citizenship?
The N-400 specifically asks if you've ever been arrested or cited - don't try to hide anything just because it was...