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Is the burden of proof on me or the police in a DUI case?
I live in Arizona. My boyfriend got a DUI, but he wasn't seen driving or in legal control of the car, in that, when the police arrived the car was not was totaled. He was clearly drunk, in every sense of the word. But he wasn't driving, the driver fled the scene before the police arrived. Don't they have to prove they actually saw him driving am operating vehicle? They asked, "how long were you there before the police arrived?" Why would they ask that if they were there when the accident occurred?? Is this not a big hole, and perhaps a good defense? In addition, they didn't mirandize, but claimed to at 3:41...he left the station at 3:50. The paperwork has wrong dates, times, his name is wrong...maybe they were drunk, too...
Get DUI/DWI counsel involved and don't play lawyer. lawyer who represents him/herself has a fool for a client, How...
I have a court date to plead guilty to felony aggravated DUI i am looking at 4 months in jail how long before i have to be sent.
Di i going back for sentencing and long to they give you to turn myself in?
Unless there is an agreement between your attorney, the prosecutor, and the Judge, you will be taken into custody when...
In Arizona is it illegal for a convicted falions to live at same address that have DUI and probation records
I have been in rehabs convicted of DUI and probation so does my step daughter can she live with me
Could be got to look at everybody's terms of probation and or parole.
I was never in Gilbert pulled over by Gilbert in Chandler az how is this legal?
I was driving from Mesa az to Chandler az and pulled over by a Gilbert policemen in Chandler how is this legal?
This is completely legal. There is no jurisdiction issue with the police. A gilbert officer is state sworn and can...
How do I get my license reinstated following a suspension due to a DUI in 2008?
I paid all fines, served my 30 days in jail, and everything ordered by the court, and I am no longer on probation. Everything except the interlock device in my car. I am 66-years old, and I have COPD. I am unable to blow into the device strong enough to clear it or whatever it does. I have a clean driving record except for the DUI.
Unfortunately you will need to install an interlock on a vehicle and keep it there for the period of time required by...
What will happen in H1B visa interview in India for applicant with DUI conviction (incident in Apr, 2014)?
Hi, I was arrested for DUI (misdemeanor, no accident) in April, 2014 and convicted in August, 2014 after pleading guilty. I have completed all court mandated orders. I stay in US on non immigrant H1B visa and have traveled abroad after the conviction without trouble. At re-entry the CBP officers take me aside for secondary inspection and then let me enter the country. My current H1B stamp is expiring this August. I plan to travel to India in December and will have to apply to the US embassy to get a new H1B visa stamped. I have three questions - 1) What should I expect during the visa interview? I have read on forums that I might be deferred for a medical examination. Is there a standard procedure for applicants with alcohol related convictions? 2) What documents should I carry? 3) Does it matter if I let 3 years pass since the DUI incident and postpone my trip after April, 2017 ? Thank you in advance for looking into my question.
1. Hard to speculate how the consulate will react, but I can tell you what is increasingly more common. Since the DUI...
What is going to be the outcome of me violating my probation with another dui?
I got a DUI about a year and a half ago. When I pled guilt to my charge my attorney at the time gave me false information on what I am entitled to on a first offense. We finally cleared all the matters up and I was to get an interlock and pay my fines. I have been paying my fines faithfully but still have not got my interlock or a restricted license. Well last night I just violated by getting a dui again while still in my probation period.
You are likely to be charged with an Aggravated DUI, which is a class 4 felony and have a case in Maricopa County...