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Arizona dui and dui drug questions
I just recieved my paperwork telling me Ihave a court date on the 29th. I'm being g charged with dui and dui drug metabolite. I do not have any way to pay for a lawyer. I'm guessing I'm going to get a public defender. I hear I will with out a doubt loose my liscence for 1 year. I'm so disappointed in my self I can't stop cryjng. I have no record. I live alone and my ability to drive to work is everything. Also I want to be a hyginest.. am I. Hopeless? I realise this is my fault. But I've corrected my behavior and am trying not to ruin my future if it's not to late. Help
No, assuming this is your first offense, you're not hopeless. You may be eligible to apply for a restricted license...
AZ - Extreme DUI - Car Accident, No Other Cars/People Involved
A relative of mine was involved in an Extreme DUI car accident where he wrecked his car and took out a light pole in the process. He was hurt in the incident and was sent to the hospital. Papers say he was "arrested," yet he was released from the hospital a day or so later and went home. A warrant was issued by a Judge for B.A.C. at the scene, which turned out to be .285. I'm assuming that being there was a warrant for the B.A.C., that he was unwilling to take the test. My question is, how was he released without going to jail or being arraigned? What happens next, and will he eventually be charged and have to appear in Court?
Was he charged with a Misdemeanor or a felony? The next court date will be the first appearance. You should get the...
I recently received DUI charges after taking prescription medication. How can I fight this DUI charge?
My doctors have been changing my meds around for several months and during that time I received a DUI due to prescription medications. My doctors had not informed me that I should not drive, and the medications did not contain a warning about not driving either. In my opinion, this should be a medical issue and not a legal issue. What are the possible defenses I should consider to dismiss this DUI charge.
By hiring a skilled, experienced, Arizona-licensed DUI attorney to represent you. You are not going to get this "...
Can a drug dui case be dismissed if a major error is made on the police report? Specifically a collected evidence error
My dui police report states that 'blood' was drawn... also states 'blood test' results came back positive. But they tried and failed at drawing my blood and I was forced to give a urine sample. On a second report given to me which was made at a letter date.. the report has a slash through the 'blood drawn' option and the 'urine sample' box is check marked... but on this second report it still states blood results positive.
Candy case be dismissed. It is unlikely. It does sound as though you may have defenses to the accuracy of any police...
Any way to get the Interlock sysytem out early in AZ?
I have had it in my car coming up on a year, this was my first DUI it was A AGG do tho the fact my DL was suspended at the time I was pulled over. I feel 2 years is a little excessive for my first DUI and was wondering if there was a way to get it reduced to a year I have no fails also.
Did DMV or did court order the IID. Likely no.
1st DUI 2/14 in Chandler Taken to station for blood draw, released OR On probation for DV in Gilbert. What should I expect?
Is an attorney needed/advisable for arraignment and what will this charge entail as far as court appearances and possible sentencing? I live out of state (CA) and have a terminal condition that I am currently being treated for.
There are many questions that your post does not answer. It would be advisable to consult an attorney since you may...
I am trying to go to cali on spring break for 3-4 day will I be able to leave the state and go to cali for those 3 days
I got arrested when I was 17 they are waiting till im 18 to send in the charge and I have not got my court date.
If you are not charged with a crime there is nothing keeping you from traveling. What you have to be careful of is if...