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Had a dui (from a .09) dropped to a careless driving. Is there any way the dui portion can be expunged? If so, how?
Had a dui from a .09 dropped to a careless driving. Now it is affecting driving for my company as the insurance companies can see the DUI. Is there anyway around this?
The issues you describe are complex. An hypothetical criminal expungement would apply to court records only. Other...
To remove alcohol restriction from drivers license, does the law go by the date of last offense or the date of last conviction?
I am curious if I am eligible to apply for the B card restriction to be lifted from my license but I am not sure if the commissioner looks at last date of offense and use or is it based off of the date in which I was actually convicted?
They will use the last date of known use of alcohol, which could be the date of offense or later if you admitted to use...
Can i travel to canada with dui
got dui 2 years ago
Most likely, no. Canada has very strict standards on admission into the country for people with a DUI conviction. You...
How likely MN prosecutor will charge a dui if no dui citation issued and no arrest?
It was a dark, very rainy nite and I hit a road sign with my car, no witnesses, no injuries. My front bumper & plate were, unbeknownst to me, left at the scene- I didn't realize how badly I had hit the sign, happened very fast. I headed home, not sure what to do but freaked about damage to my car. I had a few very strong drinks at home and, about 1/2 hour later, police were knocking at my door. Stupidly, I submitted to field tests in my driveway, including, after they'd been there for 20-30 minutes, blowing .17 (!?!) on a pbt. But- these tests are notoriously unreliable, and, inadmissible in MN as evidence of intoxication. I was issued a citation for Leaving the Scene, but NOT for DUI. I was not arrested, neither of my cars was impounded and my license was not taken. Evidence against me would seem to be observations of officers, the fact of the accident itself, and my admission that I'd been drinking- but only 2 beers w/ lunch, 6 hours earlier. No blood test, no urine test, no "real" breathalyzer test. How likely is it the Mpls prosecutor will file dui charges? If he does, do you think (s)he might let me plea down? Thanks.
It seems unlikely that a die charge would be forthcoming because no chemical test was done at the station or hospital....
How can a DUI taken off driving record?
My nephew had a DUI in the state of NH 3 years ago, he has moved to live with me in MN since then. His DUI was dropped to a violation by a judge in NH and it does not show on his criminal record, but shows on his driving record. What can be done to take it off driving record?
It is not entirely clear if it can be removed. He should consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney in the...
I plead guilty to 169A.20.1 (5) and now I'm wondering when my license will no longer be revoked, and will be fully reinstated?
I just plead guilty to a 168A.20.1 (5) Traffic - DWI - Operate Motor Vehicle - Alcohol Concentration 0.08 Within 2 Hours. My license was revoked for 90 days, as is standard. I didn't try or challenge the civil case, and my 30 days to do so has come and gone. I read if you plead guilty to charges, the 90 days drops to 30 days. Does this apply to my situation, in which I plead guilty to my criminal charges, or is the 90 days dropping to 30 days only affected by your civil case? Or how will I know when my license is fully reinstated and I can go back to driving as usual?
Do you have any prior offenses in your lifetime?
I got a DWI in company car, and plates were impounded. Can they get them back?
I got a DWI in my company car and blew a .08. They took the plates because I had my boy in the vehicle. I was cited with 3rd degree DWI. It is my first DWI. I am required to only drive vehicles with whiskey plates for one year. My license is revoked for 90 days, My company is going to file the innocent owner papers to try to get their plates back. Once they get their plates back, (if they do) will I be able to drive the company vehicle when working? Is there a process or an attorney I can hire to try to get it so that I can drive the company work vehicle if they get their plates returned?
You are posting over & over - see prior reply. Please get help for yourself.