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what happens if I am stopped by the police while DUI and summoned to court but I failed to appear?
A warrant will be issued for your arrest. After 30 days, a judgment will be entered against you which will cause your...
I did 3 now on 3yrs. parole
Your question is unclear. What mistake are you referring to? If you mean you shouldn't have been convicted, there is...
So I got into a DUI incident two years ago and never got around to doing the classes, just kept getting the extensions from the courts. I did my 100 hours of community service, and paid all my $2000+ worth of fines. The reason I havn't gotten to it was mainly financial reason (poor college student), school(Full college student at the Local University), and work (full time job as an automotive technician) so as you can see, I'm very busy. What can I do to get this resolved? I go back to court in November to a different court room because my court supervision is about to be up (It was two years long, no other incidents prior so its almost over) and I haven't completed the alcohol classes. Can I ask for another extension so that way I can get through winter break and try to get them done?
Complete the classes? Is that possible? At least enroll in the classes? Is that possible?
I was pulled over for no violations, the officer while attempting to question me told me I should not do the FST. I agreed. I was placed under arrest for DUI based on smell, speech, and eyes plus admitting to the consumption of two beers. Can I use his statement against him or would it not matter? So they wrote that I refused all testing and I did refuse when I got to the station. There is nothing in the report about my motor skills.
No, that does not create a loophole You refused all testing at the station, but you could have taken the FST at the...
I received my police report and the report states "I conducted a traffic stop on a suspicious vehicle." It also states that there was no observation of any traffic violations. I was pulled over for changing speeds and drifting within my own lane of traffic. Is this enough for reasonable suspicion or does the officer have to state in his report what he was suspicious of? There is not one reference of suspicion of driving while impaired all the way up to the stop.
Changing speeds and drifting within your lane will almost always be upheld as the basis for a traffic stop. You see,...
I had 1 drink at home and then went somewhere with some friends. Police ended up showing up, and I was given an underage drinking ticket for consuming alcohol at that location. Even though I told the officer I had not been drinking at the party. When I show up to court can that drink I had at home get me convicted? My mother told me to just say I don't recall when it is brought up.
Assuming you are under the age of 21 and further assuming you were not consuming the alcohol as part of a religious...
I'm an international student with F1 visa. I have been charged with DUI and the case is in progress. I was wondering if I can leave the country for a short trip and come back in without a problem (e.g. blocked from entry). What kind of paper work will I need? I also wanted to see if it's a good idea to extend my F1 visa on this trip (expiring next year) or wait for the case to come to a conclusion prior to applying for an extension. What will happen if I apply for F1 visa extension after it is expired next year?
This is listed under DUI, i'm re listing it under immigration.