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What am I face driving on suspended license and get my first DUI?
Got pulled over for having a headlight out. License are suspended & I got a DUI. Had a few cocktails
It really depends on what your blood alcohol level was. From a suspension standpoint you could be facing up to two...
I am supposed to get an interlock system after my DUI drivers license suspension but I show no restrictions on my DL?
The law says because of my second DUI in 3rd tier, I am required 18 months suspension of my drivers license and once renewed, a mandatory 1 year of interlock system. Every person that I know in the same situation had a red strip on their DL with "RESTRICTED LICENSE" clear as day printed on it. Mine has none of that on it when I renewed it today. Does that mean I have a non restricted license and don't need the interlock? I don't want to press the issue to PennDOT but I also don't want to get a random traffic stop and get in any trouble for it. Do the police abide by whatever PennDOT has in their system or do they have their own system on people's drivers records?
It would be the Penndot system. I would pull your restoration letter and record from Penndot to see what it says.
Supreme court dui 2016 ruling
With the new supreme court ruling 2016 happening, What is a guesstimate that would happen with open cases with blood drawn without warrants. From my understanding the blood that was drawn cant hold up in court. If that is the case would the DA be dismissing a lot of dui cases? What will happen to the open cases that are still open and evidence against a person does involve blood drawn? Thanks in advance
I am not sure anyone is 100% sure what is going to be happening. I work in a number of counties where the DAs are...
Can my son ask for inpatient rehab instead of jailtime? He must drive for his job (Mail carrier) Suggestions for him at hearing?
Son DUI controlled substance or metabolite 1st offense, (2nd DUI) in PA. DA offering 1 mo. jail time and 1 yr. license suspension. Can he ask to go to rehab in lieu of jailtime. Also, he must drive for his job (mail carrier). Suggestions for him when he goes to hearing?
My first suggestion is to retain an experienced lawyer to go with him. I have to correct you - he is looking at a 90...
My vehicle was repossessed and now my keys are stuck in the ignition like they punched the ignition to get the car.
My question is in pa is the repo company held liable for the damage done to my vehicle and who should I contact?
You can hold them liable through a civil complaint, however, it is a dicey and complicated process. Contact an...
Can someone finish a DRC course and graduate for DUI and was on probation for 5 year does that mean they can't drink for 5 year?
What would be the outcome.
What would be the outcome of what? Whether or not you can drink is in the terms of your probation. That's paperwork...
How much jail time do you get for getting caught with 2 grams of heroin & being under the influence? (DWI)
1 previous DUI, not within the one year DUI probation period. I'm now still waiting on the blood results to come back from the hospital.
If you have drugs in system and it is 2nd DUI offense within 10 years, then this would 90 day mandatory minimum case....