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What can I do if I can't get up with my probation officer....and she tries to violate me?
I have gone by her office twice with no success......I understand the importance of meeting with her but lately things have just been tight.
You need to meet with her or you will go to jail. Any failure to meet the requirements of probation, whether your...
What can I do if I can't get up with my probation officer......and she tries to violate my probation.
I have 2 dwi and one pending the results of a blood test
You need to meet with her or you will go to jail. Any failure to meet the requirements of probation, whether your...
How can I get my drivers license back for a out of state N.C. D.U.I?
About 6 years ago I recieved a D.U.I. in North Carolina. 15 days later I got another one. I completed my 24 hours of community service and paid all the fines so that first DUI was 100% taken care of. In the mean time I moved to Wisconsin. I traveled back and fourth to NC 3 times that year for court dates but started a new job in wisconsin and missed the last appearance. Now I have a 2 year old son, own and opperate a technology company, own a house and have everything except for my drivers liceanse. Driving is a daily risk I have taken for the last 6 years to be able to make a living and now more than ever take care of my family. I keep running into brick walls and need a liceanse for so many things. How can I get my drivers liceanse back without returning to North Carolina? Is it possible to get the case sent up here for sentencing or is it possible to get North Carolina to drop the case if I agree to never return. I am unable to recieve a occupational license in Wisconsin because of this as well. Any input would be great, the lawyer I had down there has disappeared with my money so I am out of ideas at this point. There has to be a way.
A second charge of DUI/DWI in North Carolina is going to necessitate an active sentence upon conviction of at least 7...
If I get a DUI driving my friends car will he get a DUI also
If I get a DUI driving my friend car and he was a drunk passenger does he also get a DUI
Operation of a car is an element of the crime. In other words, the driver is charged regardless of who owns the car.
Will DWI mistrial most likely be retried?
DWI Superior Court Mistrail question. My case is still pending in Disctrict Court but if I'm found guilty and appeal for a Superior Court trial, what happens if there's a hung jury and a mistrial is declared? It is likely the DA would re-try the case? I'm just weighing my options due to the legal costs. Also, do a lot of DWI cases end up with a hung jury?
Asker, many cases in general end in a hung jury... it's difficult to get 12 people to decide on something and there's...
I was curious if it was possible to get a DUI expunged and/or removed from my criminal and driving record? Thank you!
I got arrested in Pender County, North Carolina when I was 21 while stationed in Camp Lejuene serving on active duty. This was over 10 years ago. The police officer asked me to take a breathalyzer test. I blew two twice, frustrated with the results because he didn't get a high enough BAC level. So he decided to haul me down to the station to take the test there. I tested twice more on a larger machine in which he still had not got the outcome I guess he wanted. He then yelled at me and told to stop trying to cheat the machine cause the readings weren't strong enough for him (which I still have the actual results for from that night.) At that point I had felt I had done enough to satisfy the law. He asked me to test again. I told him to get lost in one or two other words. At which point he arrested me and charged me with refusal. I had family from out of state bail me out and had to return about a month later for a court date. I showed up in uniform accompanied by my Sergeant. I was young and confused at the time. I did not have any representation and was pretty much advised to plead guilty which I did. Not sure if the judge had mercy on me but I don't remember fines or anything.
You may be potentially eligible for an expunction, but it has nothing to do with why you pled guilty or what happened...
Can I fight my .11 BAC DUI on the basis of low-carb/high protein diet.
Hello everyone, I got pulled over by cop driving over the speed limit and I ended up blowing .11 BAC later at the station. I had couple of beer 20-30 minute before I got pulled over. I was going to get some food. I got nervous and made all the mistake I could possibly make like failed SFST, finding difficulty in License and accepting drinking beer. I was in shock and couldn't think why I got so high BAC. I was on low-carb/high protein diet and I did not know if that can effect my BAC test. I don't know if I can contest my case on the basis of low-carb/high protein diet. This is my first DUI and I am devastated, I am not sure what should I do and I am afraid that it is going to impact my neutralization application.
If you want to try to establish some medical reason for your high reading you will have to hire an expert witness who...