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I got pulled over and received a misdemeanors what now?
My license was suspended for the month of September for my points being too high since I’m under 21. I didn’t drive for that month but was unaware that I had to pay to get my license reinstated. Now I got pulled over for speeding in January. The officer told me that my license was denied and I didn’t know what he was talking about. He still cited me for it and now I’m seeing I might serve potential jail time? I didn’t drive for the month I literally just didn’t pay the 30 dollars to reinstate my license! I have to wait 10 days for it to go through before I can go talk to the court I’m just wondering what’s going to happen.
Talks with an attorney as soon as possible. There are things that can be done to prevent another suspension/denial period.
What will happen if I fail my second drug test on juvenile probation?
I haven't been drug tested since March 28th 2016, but recently I was called by my probation officer for urinalysis. My first test showed up negative but my second test showed up positive. It's been almost a year since the first test and I just want to know the consequences I may face?
You may be served with an Order to Show Cause (OSC) to attend court and have a hearing as to why your probation should...
I had a dwi in 1992 1993 and i have paid all that was required of me and i paid an attorney as well . She took my money and did
I live in Utah and have been here since 1993. I'm disabled and I've tried to obtain my licence and the dmv keeps telling me I have an issue in NC
Thank for sharing your story. Surely when you call NC you will have figured out the issue.
I thought my reg insurance covered me and I had 14 days to get insurance. it was a army 5 ton cargo truck I bought for my personal use. I had a glass pipe in my pocket the took a urine test and had meth in my system. they in pounded the truck. They wont release the truck with no insurance and said I need a cdl to drive it. no one will insure it . I got a dwi. I know I don't need a cdl to drive it. I think they are just trying to not release it so they can keep it. what do I do. I live 390 miles from where I got assrested. what do I do
Get a lawyer ASAP in that jurisdiction.
What should I plea for my second offense with an ongoing case?
I currently have a case for improper backing and never having obtained a license, I went into court and asked for a plea in abeyance and I have a set pre-trial hearing. I was driving again and received another citation for never having obtained a license. What should I do?
You need an attorney with experience in fighting these kinds of cases. Do not drive until you have spoken with him/her...
Hi I was convicted of a dui in the state of Utah and I am a NY resident. How can I avoid this from coming up on background chks
!st DUI, 2nd speeding I completed all court mandated requirements My industry has zero tolerance for DUIs
Your best solution would be to hire a Utah attorney to pursue and expungement of your Utah criminal history. However,...
After a DWI license suspension, how are the 18 months counted when a temporary stay was granted but the trial's now been lost?
My husband was charged with a DWI in September of 2011. He refused the breathalyzer request, and had his license taken away immediately and suspended for 18 months under the implied consent law . He was found guilty at the Driver's License Division hearing. He spent 5 months not driving because of the suspension. We then went to court requesting a trial and a stay of the license suspension until the trial, which was granted. As a result, he's had driving privileges restored for the last 9 months. We went to trial yesterday and lost, and the 18 month suspension was upheld by the judge. My question is this. Does the 18 month suspension start over from now? Or does he get any sort of concession for the 5 months of suspension already served, or for the total months since the original arrest?
You need to speak to an attorney. And you need to speak to drivers license division. Your question is strange because...