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I was stopped for a hit and run accident on October 26th of 2011. I was taken into custody and blood was drawn. I have not heard anything about the case no notification from local PD or DMV . Can I still be charged after a years time has expired?
Criminally or civil? I changed the tag to criminal defense
I was not booked into jail I was released the same night. 1 week later the prosecutor filed complaint then 9 days later a pre-adj warrant was issued and bond set. i have complied with everything I dont understand why a warrant is issued not a summons to appear. In 1999 is was convicted and sent to prison for the things in my past. I served 8 years (released in 2007) and have been in no trouble since Aug 2013. Why is a warrant issued and not a summons to appear? And when i called the courts to ask why i have a warrant I was told its to insure that I show up to my court hearing, i asked when i am to appear in court and was told no court date has been set.....Confused?
You should hire an attorney immediately. There are a number of reasons why the State has chosen to go this route....
won my appeal basically due to due process rights and agreed for first time dui again mvd said im revoked for life how long is this and can I get it back according to the courts ive never been charged for a second dui
If you appealed then more than likely you have an attorney. You should direct your questions to your attorney as they...
It has been 3 years since my last dui and atleast 7 years since my first. Can i now obain a cdl.
My understanding is that after the second DUI it is permanent disqualification and if you had a cdl, which you never...
My son was convicted of a felony DUI 5 years ago. All is good now and he has received the order to reinstate rights (except gun ownership) and the "Setting aside the judgement of guilt, dismissing the accusations or information and releasing the Defendant from all applicable penalties and disabilities resulting from the conviction from the court". I've read there are no Expungements in the State of Arizona but the "Setting Aside" seems to describe an Expungement. Does my son have to notify agencies (ie..police, sheriff, DPS, etc..) of the order or does the Court notify all the agencies. What should my son be doing to complete this process? Will any agency have his conviction information on file that can be accessed by outside agencies? Thank you in advance for your help. Karen
If your asking what shows up on his criminal record, go get your son a live scan. it should be immediately and automatic.
this is an agg DUI...3rd offense
Yes, unless otherwise agreed to, the jail time starts immediately.
So I was 17 when I got a DUI, and I was told I would be charged as an adult and to wait for my letter when I turned 18 I got the letter saying that my case has been changed to the adult courts and I will be getting a court date soon, so It almost been two years since my DUI July 6, 2012….and I have no got any letter or information on my DUI, I called the courts twice and they said they have no records of me. what does this mean and what do I do?
I would not suggest you do anything. It is up to the state to actually charge you and it sounds like they have not done...