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Can I get a passport with a felony dui?
I got a felony dui about 15 years ago and am wondering if I will get denied for a passport to cancun
I don't believe that a felony conviction is a per se bar to applying for a U.S. passport. The real issue is whether...
Can probable cause be used if there is a person in the car is known for drugs?
I have a friend that was a passenger and got pulled over. Apparently the headlight was out. Anyways they called in K-9 unit because one of the people was known and the officer claimed that it was probable cause to call K-9 because they know him.
While it is possible, that sounds iffy to me. It would depend upon what precisely the officer knew. Also, the officer...
How does one go about suspended imposition of 3rd DUI?
I got my 3rd DUI and my public defender has not spoke to me about the case I have talked to retain a lawyer but he mentioned suspended imposition to me. What would a suspended imposition do to my 3rd DUI?
If convicted of DUI 3rd, you would request the judge suspend imposition of sentence at the time of sentencing. That's...
Can my 3rd DUI get reduced or dismissed if police officer stopped me for non 3 second stop at flashing red light?
I drove to a gas station at 1 am and figured cops were downtown near bars but a cop apparently pulled me over for not stopping 3 seconds at stop light. He then gave me four tests: the follow my pen test, count backwards from 100-75, heel-toe in right angle test, and a balance on one foot test before putting cuffs and taking 1.23 BAC. After getting. processed he mirandized me to ask questions and tried to have me fill out a paper questionnaire which I refused. I used signals and didn't swerve.
Talk to a defense attorney near you, and apply for a court appointed attorney if you cannot afford one. You need to...
Am I able to fight paying the reinstatement fee to MN for a DUI received in MN back in 2003 with a SD drivers license?
I've been a SD resident for 14 years now, renewing my license with no problem when need be, until now. Now I am unable to renew my SD license or tags because MN is asking me to pay them the reinstatement fee from my DUI 14 years ago. I was 18 at the time of the DUI and thought the reinstatement fee was something I only had to pay if I wanted to reinstate my MN license, which I didn't have and didn't ever plan on having. My life in on hold for something from 14 years ago? Can I fight this?
Sure, you can always fight it. But is it going to be worth your time, energy, and expense? Probably not. Presumably...
CCan i transfer my second dwi to anotherstate for court?
I recieved my second dwi. I am moving for work from sd to Co. I have no other charges besides 1st dwi. Im wanting to transfer crt is this possible.
You (allegedly) violated South Dakota law in their jurisdiction, so you must be prosecuted here. You can still move,...
Can I become a CNA in Sd With a DUI felony
I am in Sioux Falls. SD and belong to felony DUI court. I have a DUI felony but am involved in a very intense program. I really want to be a CNA
This really isn't a DUI or a criminal defense question, so I'm going to reclassify it for you. From a past incident...