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Can I fight driving under suspended licence?
I was riding a motorcycle town a road and got stuck in a DUI check point and they asked for my license and I wasn't able to give them mine due to my suspension. I had a random plate on this bike and it was a 2009 yamaha and he wrote it down as a 1982 honda and owned by some one else is there any chance of getting out of it
There is a lot more information needed to answer this question. What is the reason for the underlying suspension? What...
Is it possible to get my licence in meadville at the dmv if i have a bench warrant for a M3 possession offense?
I got picked up for a small amt of marijuana in edinboro, and my preliminary hearing was april 12
You need to find representation immediately. I recommend reach out to local lawyers in the area who can make...
My daughter's father has a dui, assault/harassment charges, and has now been pulled over 4 times w/o a license. Is he unfit?
He has been driving my 4 year old around with no license because they revoked it and he has been caught now 4 times without one. He's very emotionally and sometimes physically abusive to her and she does not want to go with him but he has her on the weekends by court order. He just got caught again on Wednesday driving again, and is looking at potential jail time. We have court soon and I'm wondering if I can prove him to be an unfit parent.
I'd say you have a good shot at supervised visitation at your house for sure. Do not let him drive your 4-year old...
First time DUI offense ARD question
Good afternoon. I had my arraignment court date which I plead guilty to a first time DUI offense. My second court date was for the criminal call list which I went to but they told me I didn’t have to be there because I am applying for ARD and it is pending so I went home. My third court date is tomorrow for the first day of jury trial. My question is do I need to appear to this since I am pending ARD? This is in Pennsylvania Crawford county. ARD is a probation period. Thank you!
Every county does it a little bit differently. In an abundance of caution, I would go to the court appearance tomorrow...
Can I refuse a drug test at a drug and alcohol assessment after being arrested for DUI four months ago?
I was arrested four months ago on a first DUI for alcohol. I was pulled over failing to dim my bright lights. I do not do any drugs what so ever but I’m required to pay for all this. So my question is can I refuse the drug testing part being I was arrested for alcohol? It’s bad enough they make me feel like I murdered someone. I applied for ARD which is probation. Thank you!
Thank you for clarifying what you believe ARD is. Most of the experienced criminal defense attorneys who routinely...
I stil have6 months out of 24 months probation on a m1 charge and left the state, can pa extradite me from another state??
Left pa because I didn't feel safe.
Yes. If an arrest warrant is issued for your failure to comply with the terms of probation, you will be arrested and...
Am I able to get off probation early in PA on a 5 year dui sentence?
I have a 5 year max on my 2nd dui, have everything completed that needs to be, everything is paid. My PO said something about a dui in PA being a "mandatory law" and that I have to serve the full 5 year sentence. Was wondering how true this was
Have you posed your question to your own attorney? He or she will be most familiar with local practice. Your quest...