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Are there any states that are NOT members of the Drivers license Compact that do NOT use the National Driver Registry?
drivers license has been revoked due to DUI history . minimum waiting period has expired ( 5 years ) however recent NY legislation in 2012 has put me on lifetime revocation
Georgia, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Tennessee are not members of the Drivers License Compact.
My 20 year old son was arrested December 29, 2012 and charged with DUI-NYS- I do not know why he was pulled over by officer.
he was not issued any tickets for violating any traffic laws. H e was placed under arrest and booked. Doesn't probable cause have to exist for officer stopping my son and shouldnt a ticket/summons have been issued indicating the reason for the initial stop? Thank you
The officer needs probable cause to make a traffic stop. However, just because he didn't issue a summons doesn't mean...
Ignition interlock on Unregistered cars in New York.
Do you have to get the ignition install on a unregistered vehicle you own? Convicted of a Dwi and 3 years probations in Suffolk county, have a project car that is off the road does it still require a interlock?
The statutory language requires every operator "to have installed and maintain a functioning ignition interlock device...
Can I get my license back after dwi in ny .
.16 bac I didn't feel like I was intoxicated or close to it. I know everyone says that. I strongly believe that my gastric bypass surgery effects the test results.
Depending on the your prior record you should be eligible for either a hardship or conditional license while the case...
I am moving to Florida for work. have a conditional in NYS for a dwai. Can I change my residency so I can use my conditional FL
I understand I can only drive to and from work with other guidelines, I was wondering if I was able to change the state I lived on my license, get a FLORIDA ID card that shows my new address or anything else that would allow me to drive to and from work for the 2 months left I have on my suspension.
You are supposed to surrender your license when you move out of state and get a new license in the state you move to....
If a police officer lied during field sobriety tests for a suspected DUI, what can I do?
Before arresting me for a DUI, a police officer informed me that if I refused to take the breath test at the scene, I'd lose my license for one year regardless of the outcome of my case. I have since learned that this rule only applies to breath tests performed at police stations (i.e., breathalyzers). Nevertheless, I decided to consent to the one at the scene because I was afraid of losing my license for a year, though this is apparently untrue.
Hire an attorney to fight the case for you. Such information may be able to be used in the suppression of the later...
Dismissal? Video missing audio and footage which would prove the office said I made an improper right but paperwork says left
I was arrested for a DWI on November 1st of 2013 for making an improper turn. I already have an attorney but feel I may be ill informed of all possible outcomes. Also, I asked for a copy of the police video, which I received but the video has no audio, is missing footage, and the video doesn't show the sobriety test or my arrest. I did refuse a breathalyzer but that has been dismissed on the grounds that the paperwork did not state the time I refused or how in which I made an improper turn. My full driving privileges have been reinstated pending prosecution. My lawyer never obtained the full video. I told him the officer kept telling me I made an improper left but the officer kept telling me I made an improper right. His paperwork says I made a left. Could this call for a dismissal?
A spotty video will generally not result in a dismissal. If the video was requested and provided, there probably haven'...