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If you are from New Hampshire and are convicted of a DUI for marijuana in Nevada, what will happen to your NH driver's license?
Will the period of suspension for Nevada apply to New Hampshire or will there be an entirely separate process there? Also, is it legal to drive if you haven't received any notice in the mail from the NH DMV regarding an administrative license suspension?
Most states share this type of information with the license-issuing state via compacts or agreements. Once NH finds...
Have hardship license in MA -- Convert to NH?
I have a hardship license issued by the state of MA. The hour restriction is on there through 2017. I now live in NH, and want to get a NH license. They do not offer hardship licenses here.
I would contact both states licensing authorities (DMV, DOL, or DOT), starting with NH, and see if can provide...
My son is a senior in high school, and he got a dwi. His band class is going to Canada in May.would he be able to go ?
Or does the d w I make him a felon ?
If he is found guilty, then no. DWI is a felony in Canada and they will not allow him in. If the case is still pending...
What are tha laws re: moving after a DUI. From one State to Another?
DUI in North carolina, guilty. Needs to move to New Hampshire
If you are on probation from the NC DUI, then you may very likely need permission to move to another state while...
Underage possession of alcohol
My 19 year old daughter was arrested for possession of alcohol. She failed the eye test, was administered the breathalize 5 times and she couldn't blow hard enough for it to register. They have her name spelled wrong, have her listed as a male, the officer was quite upset with her that she couldn't blow. Should I have her just plead guilty and pay the $360 fine or should we hire a lawyer to fight this.
When deciding whether to hire an attorney, you must balance the potential defenses, penalties, and the collateral...
What are the requirements for getting drivers license reinstated after 10 years after losing it to DUI?
I lost my license in NH from DUI over 10 years ago. The fines were paid but I never went to the DUI class they required. I moved out of state and haven't needed to drive. I am back in NH and would like to get my license back . Will I still be required to get SR22 ins and take the DUI class?
Unfortunately, yes. Here is a link to the requirements.
Do verbal dui warnings go on your record?
I got pulled over for switching out of the exit lane a little late. I was given the eye test and heel toe straight line test and the officer said she wasn't going to give me any of the other tests since she thought I was fine. However, when she came back to give me my license and registration, she said that she was just giving me a warning. She did not give me any written paper as a warning, just said it verbally.
Verbal warnings do not go on your record.