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2nd offense minor in possession of alcohol ticket advice.
My friends and were driving late at night after some of us had some beers at a bonfire. We were on our way back when we were pulled over for seemingly no reason. Turns out no traffic violations were committed, but they pulled us over under suspicion that we had been ding dong ditching in the neighborhood. There had been a few reports of the kids messing around in the neighbor hood, but no description that they were in a similar car or driving at all. So they essentially pulled us over for being five kids in a car. They ended up noticing alcohol in the car and i received a citation for being a minor in possession of alcohol, even though I blew 0.00. This is my second offense and I'm not sure if i should spend money on an attorney or if I can fight the charges myself.
You won't know how to do the type of motion to get a case like this dismissed. Hire an attorney or ask for a public...
Is the minimum sentence 30 days for jail or is there a possibility of less than that for second offense owi cases.
Bac was .13 and was compliant with arresting officers.
The mandatory minimum sentence for an OWI (2nd Offense) in Wisconsin is 5 days. The truth is that very few cases in...
Wisconsin dui, I need some help!?
I recieved a dui and pac ticket in wisconsin in the morning after being out with friends late at night, i fell asleep at the wheel and went over a curb, i just got a letter in the mail saying my license is suspened. my court date isn't for a while and i need to get to work. would a lawyer help me in this situation? possibly get my license back sooner? or what i have no idea how this works.
Yes, a lawyer can help with all sorts of issues. What is going on at this time with your license is that you have been...
Should i plead guilty or not guilty?
So i was pulled over for a traffic violation not having my headlights possesion and operating with a controlled substance they have a toxicology report saying i had THC in my system i admitted to everything on the spot and went home that night now my first court date is coming up and i have been getting lots of different advice like plead guilty they will drop and reduce stuff or plead not gulity and they will give you a fair chance to get off a little easier im not expert and some of the people giving me advice have been through it but im still not sure how to plead and what will happen when i plead either way and what the best thing is to do i dont have money or time for a lawyer cause my court is in a few hours ya ik im dumb someone please help me!
You're not dumb, but avoiding the problem has not helped you. I suggest that you tell the court that you want time to...
What are examples of sentence enhancers for 2nd offense OWI, in WI? Specifically, in Ozaukee County.
My BAC was 0.15. I was stopped, because according to the officer I was traveling 39mph, in a 25mph zone.
Here is a chart detailing OWI penalties in WI. http://www.dot.wisconsin.gov/safety/motorist/drunkdriving/offenses.htm...
What does the prosecution need to prove guilt for an OWI in Wisconsin? 346.63 (1) (A)
I'm aware that the prosecution needs to prove without a reasonable doubt. I just feel they don't have that. I'm wondering what things would be sufficient for a conviction. Was pulled over due to a warrant I had out. After being brought to the police station the officer asked me how much I had to drink. I told the officer that I was not going to answer any of his questions. Immediately after saying that he placed me under arrest. I agreed to take the breath alcohol test and the results were .02%. The officer had barely seen me driving. (once at a stop sign and the other time when he pulled me over) There were no driving violations what-so-ever. The officer said he had detected alcohol on my breath when taking me to the police station.
Unless you are underage or a multiple offender, a .02 reading would normally clear you of drunk driving, since the...
What is the best defense for a 2nd offense OWi, in WI? I will be representing myself.
My BAC was .15
The best defense is that you hire an attorney, who is trained in working on these matters, to defend you.