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What happens now? What kind of sentences is she looking at?
Ex-wife was arrested in late 2013 for DUI. Finely plead guilty and was put on probation in Oct. 2015. Picked up her 2nd DUI arrest July 6, 2016(which violated her probation). Bonded out of jail July 12. Was scheduled for disposition hearing on August 8, 2016, But instead was arrested on August 6, 2016 for 3rd DUI and simple possession of schedule 2. Cops found her nose first in a ditch where she wrecked her car(single car accident). She violated her probation twice now, broke bond on the 2nd DUI, hasn't been to court on the 2nd DUI, and violated Implied consent law on both July 6 and August 6. Licenses was suspended from the July 6 arrest, so she also has driving on suspended license. To top it off, we have joint custody of 3 kids and she is the primary/custodial parent. My current wife and I currently have my kids, funds are good, but not enough income for family lawyer. What type of time is the ex looking at? Already filed report with DCS, but what else can be done to get primary/custodial changes to the parenting plan?
I would say probably a lot of time. But, there may be some sort of rehabilitative program in that jurisdiction that...
What are the penalties for driving without a license in Tennessee?
I am a KY resident- was in an accident on a TN highway/interstate. Wrecked truck. Trooper came and got our information. I was driving the vehicle but he cited my wife for driving on a suspended license. She is on probation for a DUI. I have NO license, have never been issued one and have never tried to get one. I have a completely clean record besides an infraction in california that is 7 years old. The truck was registered in my wife's name. I've went over the statue involving driving on a suspended, revoked or cancelled license(55-50-504) but have found no information about having no license at all. I also read (55-50-301) stating a license is required but found no penalty. What are the potential penalties for both of us?
I am not licensed in TN or KY, but the statue that applies in CA in such a situation is "driving without a valid...
Can a lawyer get me out of or get my charges reduced on a dui for weed?
I was pulled over recently for no seat belt and got a DUI for weed. I had the substance and paraphernalia in my possession. He said I was hesitating so that's why he suspected I was high. He wrote on the citation he smelled it coming from the car. I hadn't smoked it in the car but I had smoked about an hour prior to driving. I got 4 citations. DUI, Paraphernalia, Posession of shedule VI (weed), and no seat belt. I agreed to have blood drawn. It was a state trooper that pulled me over, and he said that it would be pointless for me to get a lawyer. Would getting a lawyer help me out some how?
Get a lawyer unless you want to just eat a DUI without any challenge. Never take legal advice from a cop.
I got busted March 15, 2013 for underage drinking and violation of curfew. Will I loose my DL?
I spent the night at a friends house and we were drinking and we went walking at 1:30a.m. We got stopped by Greenbrier PD. The officers never read us our Miranda Rights. Whenever you get arrested the Police Officers have to read you your rights correct? Will this be on my permanent record? How much are the fines for both charges? And this being my first offense would they drop the charges? When the Officers gave us a breathalizer at the police station it read 0.0 would they drop the charges since I passed it?
You may loose your licenses. How old are you? I assume your under 18 since the curfew violation. As such, had to say...
Is there a statue of limitation on a DUI in NJ?
Lost my license being stupid with a whole bunch of DUIs and driving while suspended. I have cleaned up my Act and don't drink anymore so I'm trying to get my license back in NJ and this question involves a court that I never showed up for like 11 years ago just want to know if I can get it dismissed
So, statute of limitations refers to how long a police officer or prosecutor can wait between the crime and the...
Can I get a license in Tn after a duI conviction in Ky
I got a duI in Ky. with a Ky. license. Received a 30 say suspension, I have recently moved to Tn. Will I be able to get a license there after the 30 days and completing the Adr courses?
I am an Illinois Attorney, and not versed in specific TN laws regarding driver's license eligibility. Having said that,...
Will I get charged for marijuana in my system if I got a dui for alcohol?
I smoked the night before I got arrested, but not the night of and I didn't have anything on me. I'm a pharmacy tech that made some bad mistakes I haven't smoked or drank since and I just don't want to lose my job. I can keep it if I'm not charged for marijuana in my system
Only the prosecutor knows what they will charge you for. Hire a criminal defense attorney to help you protect yourself...