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Will California search for you out of state for a first time offender dui charge unresolved?
Got a dui. Never finished classes in time. Got an extension for the classes. Still never finished.... Now thinking of moving out of state for work. Will they come after me? I'm thinking of north Dakota or Oklahoma.
It's not real likely that the county where you were sentenced is going to want the expense of bringing you there to...
I got a ticket for DUI for drugs?
They stop me for the reason the cop said was that I stop at a dime whatever tat means they embraced me to the fullest after the million test the did even breath test and put me under arrest. Took me down to the station and continue to give me more test and again give me breath test and every time it can out 0.00. Then after when they were frustrated they force me to give them a blood sample and didn't let me see the documents of my rights or didn't want to let me go after they draw my blood they give me my ticket on the ticket the time they written it out was 10:01pm I was nearly arriving at the station at that time. So my question is how do u written a ticket for something u haven't even determine yet when I didn't arrive to west valley till 1:13 am. Please if u could help me out I'll be thankful.
I'm not sure exactly what you're asking, but DUI drugs is generally a misdemeanor. That means they can release you...
Violation of DUI probation in CA for Domestic violence
I have a friend currently on probation for DUI and he got into an altercation with his girlfriend who is pregnant and was arrested. Any idea on what he may be facing? He is a first offender on domestic violence.
He's looking at a probation violation on the DUI and a new case on the DV. He needs to hire a lawyer asap. On the...
I got a felony dui in 2009. I want to know the likelihood on having it reduced to a misdemeanor.
I was dui and the police had to bump my car to stop me. I did 30 days in jail. I've completed probation.
If you never received any kind of a prison sentence on that 2009 DUI you can typically reduce it to a misdemeanor and...
How to approach clearing a bench warrant for an unpaid drunk in public ticket?
Hi there, My fiancé was pulled over in riverside County and the officer told him that he has a bench warrant in Orange County for an unpaid drunk in public ticket from 2007. How does he go about clearing this up? Will he be arrested if he attempts to go to court appearance to pay? Also we both thought he paid this off in full but don't have any proof on our part, is there a way to look up payment history online? Thanks!
Get an attorney in OC and fight ticket. It's from 2007- very good chance of dismissal.
When you get DUI when does it show on your record
How long after your last court date
Of course it does. I'll change this to criminal defense.
What do i do now ?
Couple of months ago i was in a car accident and the cops gave me a citation i have already used two of my extension , I'm on my third now, and trying to pass my behind the wheel test. I am trying to pass my behind the wheel test (i have my permanent) so i can receive my licence. My extension end on the 12/9/16 , and i still haven't passed the test yet. what do i do now, a lady at the court told me all i would need to do is pass my test first and then pay the fine. some advice would help . i am going to make a appointment at dmv and try to pass my second try on my behind the wheel test.
Take driving lessons..........................