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My son is 3.5 years in to 3rd DUI sentence in Iowa. He is getting an interlock device installed. Can he only drive to work?
Can he drive his 92yo grandfather to get groceries? How about getting groceries for himself?
The temporary restricted license permits only a handful of uses in addition to traveling back and forth from home to...
When does license suspention begin in a DUI?
It has been 3 months since my DUI charge and I'm told my license will be suspended for 6 months. I have not been officials sentenced yet (need to complete DUI class). Does my suspension begin from the time of my arrest or from sentencing?
if you did not initially appeal the revocation, then it probably went into effect between 10 and 30 days after your...
What happens if the officer forgets to file the trial information in Iowa?
From what I gather, the arresting officer has 45 days to file and if it's not filed, the charges are dropped. Is this true?
If you were placed under arrest for OWI, then the state must file a trial information within 45 days. The remedy for...
Is it possible to have a DUI penalty deferred in Iowa?
I was arrested for DUI, BAC 0.13. This is my first and only criminal arrest. There was no accident or injury involved.
Yes. You are eligible for the grace of a deferred judgment. There was no accident or injury to another, you consented...
Can benzodiazepine give high reading on breathalyzer
i take 1 mg twice daily for heart,got owi,but i think levels were high
The answer to your question is "unlikely." Benzodiazepines fall into the category of central nervous system (CNS)...
Can I sue the tama county police department for taking my blood sample without my or medical authority consent?
i was in a car accident and they took my blood sample i was unconscious the whole time and i don't remember any of it besides the last days in the hospital 7 days later. The police officer states i gave him consent for but no signature. Then stated i was unconscious and follow Iowa code 321J.7 but no paper work supporting that.
Your lawyer can obtain through discovery the physician's certification that you were not able to consent to the...
Boyfriend wad pulled over & takin to jail for driving with no DL in my car.I dont kno what they did with car, will i get it back
All tow companies are closed cuz its the weekend so they cant tell me anything when i call. Iv called the police department and was forwarded to an answering machine. I dont know what they did with my car. Do i have to wait until monday to find out or is the police supposed to let me know whats going on or do i have any rights to my own vehicle?
Yes, you should be able to pay the towing company to take the car out of impound. Unfortunately, it may tomorrow before...