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Cedar City Crime

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  • Ex-Iron County deputy charged with aggravated assault

    Saturday Oct 3 | via KSL-TV 

    Criminal charges were filed this week against a recently resigned Iron County sheriff's deputy stemming from an alleged assault. Ronald Skeem, 46, was charged in 5th District Court Monday with aggravated assault, a third-degree felony, and intoxication, a class C misdemeanor, for an incident that occurred on Aug. 22. Court documents do not elaborate on the details of Skeem's alleged offense.


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  • Man arrested after allegedly starting three fires in...

    Wednesday Sep 30 | via Salt Lake Tribune 

    A 29-year-old man was arrested Wednesday in Cedar City after allegedly starting three fires, stealing two vehicles and burglarizing two homes. Police say the man first started a fire at the Cedar Post Pawn Shop that was discovered and extinguished by a trash collector.


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  • After ruling, Utah removing hundreds of prairie dogs

    Sunday Sep 27 | via News9 Oklahoma City 

    Greeted by throngs of cheering faithful at every turn, Pope Francis is capping his whirlwind visit to the United States in an entirely fitting way - Mass for the masses on Philadelphia's grandest boulevard -... Pope Francis urged hundreds of thousands of the faithful gathered Sunday for the biggest event of his U.S. visit to be open to "miracles of love," closing out his joyful six-day trip with a message of hope for families,... The cause of Bobbi Kristina Brown's death has been determined, but the medical examiner's office won't publicly unveil autopsy results because of a court order.


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  • Utah man sentenced to life in prison for 2013 double...

    Wednesday Sep 16 | via Salt Lake Tribune 

    A Cedar City man who shot and killed two people in his home in 2013 will spend the rest of his life in prison for the crimes. Thad Robertson, 56, was convicted of two counts of aggravated murder for the February 2013 deaths of Diann Bailey, 59, and Jeffrey Lane Hardy, 52. On Tuesday, 5th District Judge Michael Westfall sentenced Robertson to two terms of life in prison without parole, state court records show.


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Cedar City Law

a 7500 $ bail I have lupus and in my pee what only what i was supposed to have can they still give me a DUI. That day i was tired and people with lulus are very tired all the time. I am 50 with no criminal record or dui's I have been disabled for 10 years and driven fine I am a student in school and need my liscence to go to my doctors appointments and college. I was legally prescrobed my med's and they found no alcohol or illegal drugs in my system so can i fight the DUI it will ruin my life wha s left of it and my record? Please help
You can be charged with DUI in Utah for prescription drugs that you are legally taking, and the charge is just as...
DUI in the state of Utah?
I was in Utah for the weekend and I had gotten pulled over for speeding in the process I told the police that i did have some marijuana with me . I do have a medical card for my condition from California state. And it is illegal to carry the marijuana with me in the state of Utah. I did get tested to see if I was sober and I did not pass even though i was not under the influence the police did not make there decision until they took my blood test, and I had told them that I was not smoking in this state of Utah. I was charged with a possession and a DUI but that was after they took my blood test that they found thc ofcourse they were because I am a regular smoker. But when they took the breathalizer it was a 0.0 nothing. What can I do?
It is always difficult to answer the question "what can I do" in a criminal case since your recollection of the events...
DUI question
Already did all my classes, paid all fines.. license suspension until I'm 21 for weed dui. Plead Guilty because I was consfused. Please help anything I can do to get my license back sooner? I'm 19.
If you were represented in the original matter and plea - either by public defender or private criminal defense...
Can I be arrested for roommate's underage drinking? She is on the lease so I cannot ask her to leave and I can't move.
I am not old enough to purchase alcohol and do not drink or bring alcohol into the apartment.
You can be arrested for anything. The question is can they convict you of anything. You could be charged with some type...
If I were to get a DUI could they take the house where my children reside?
I have had a addiction problem and I'm working to combat it. My wife is concerned with our assets and liability. Is there a way to protect these other than a divorce and my wife wants be to sign a quit claim deed releasing my name from the house.
If you are charged with a DUI, there are penalties that involve possible jail times, community service, fines to the...
Hello my boyfriend is on hold by ice, he has 4 dui's is there a possibilitie they will grant him a bond?
he was held by ice in 2009 for one of the duis they released him on a bail bond then this year he got a letter that they were going to review his case but we don't know his court date. he has been here for more than 15 years, he has 7 children the oldest one is 17 years old and paying child support on him. His last dui was on October of 2014 and then one on October of 2009 and the other ones were on or before 2004. also he has had a work permit for 3 or 4 years he has no close family that ae citizens or us residents only his children.
It is something that you want to discuss and consult an attorney. Better yet, hire one to deal with ICE. Since the...
Reinstatement of Driver's Liscense Early?
Hello Thank you for your time, anyway I was arested for a Marijuana DUI back in September of 2014. I was 18 at the time and I agreed to all the testing. I was charged with DUI, possesion of Marijuana and failure to turn on headlights I pled Guilty simply because I thought it would be the quickest way to get through this mistake, I know that was dumb of me, I had no legal help at the time, no one represented me at the dmv hearing either, my local dmv says my lisense is supended until I turn 21 is there anything I can do? Please help. I've already paid all my fines and did all my classes, my probation is over in November. I am fully compliant with the courts. I just need my lisense back and need to know what I can do, Thanks again.
There is something more going on with this case. Was this your first arrest for DUI? I would want to take a look at...