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If a person in the passenger seat in the front is drunk, can the driver be charged with a dui?
The driver has an ignition interlock device
Not enough information to properly answer your question. Does the vehicle in question belong to the driver? If so...
If a person in the passenger seat in the front is drunk, can the driver be charged with a dui?
The driver has an ignition interlock device
Not unless the driver is also intoxicated. If stopped, the passenger in VA may be charged for public intoxication....
I got a dui 19 years ago,since then i haven't been in any trouble,clean record,got married,why must i have to take vasap
i don't drink alcohol anymore,why must i be put on a restricted license and treated like a criminal after 19 years
Unless the DWI was not your first, you should just have to complete ASAP or proof you completed ASAP or equivlent...
Can one judge change the sentence of another if judge is retired
got a dui in 05 paid cc & fines dun my time,petitioned cort to reinstate got lock box installed but now dmv says in 02 judge suspended my licens for 10 yrs for driving suspended he is retired now whare do i go from here
Your description sounds like a rather confusing situation. You clearly need to determine what the current status of...
I have an unpaid probation fine from 14 years ago in NC for DUI. It was a misdemeanor. Would I have a warrant for my arrest now?
I got a DUI in NC 14 years ago. I was put on probation and later moved back home to VA. I never paid my fines. I was a kid then, but it still worry about it. If I was to get pulled over in NC now would I go to jail?
Answered 03/18/2010: Because you have not paid your fines and costs regarding that DWI, you might get pulled over for...
If you are already enrolled in VAASAP and outpatient treatment for a first DUI at the time of court for a second DUI combine?
I got my first DUI about 2 months ago in Spotsylvania and pleaded guilty and now am in ASAP and have also been referred to an outpatient program on top of that. A month after getting the first DUI I then got a second one in Fredericksburg. I spent 33 days in jail having revoked my bond in Spotsylvania for getting arrested for the first. In the end, Spotsylvania only deducted 5 days from my jail time. My question is can Fredericksburg count the remaing time for my mandatory 20 days and does the outpatient and VAASAP carry over for the Fredericksburg charges as well? I am currently on pretrial services for the Fredericksburg charges including the AnyTrax motoring system. Fredericksburg let me bond out even though I had the Spotsylvania charges because I have epilepsy (and by the way had a seizure and was taken to the ER at the time of arrest). I have a complicated case and it's very frustrating when my court appointed has no time to discuss with me except for 5 mins before court. Any information would be helpful.
You need to address your concerns and questions with your lawyer. He or she is in the best position to give you answers...
What can I do to get my citizenship with 2 DUI a within the last 5 years ?
I m permanent resident from 2009 and I wanna apply for citizenship but I had 2 DUI s in my record , so what should I do ?
Two DUIs within the last five years will render you ineligible as lacking "good moral character", however, you may...