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and didn't know my permit was revoked how an a ten year old charge affect my current status because I was a minor at the time and an adult at the time of five year suspension but 2 year permit was not available to me cause of the ten year old charge
This question makes no sense.
I'm in a program called aftercare after successfully completing another program called daily report center. Both are intense state probation. I've served 2 years on papers and have less than one left but I have first offender act. I was supposed to go to aa/na meetings to get signatures but didn't. I signed them myself. Now I have a probation admin hearing in the morning. I told the P.O. That I honestly did sign them myself because it's hard for me to work and go to meetings. He said that he will recommend to his supervisor that I just finish the program. My question is what is most likely going to happen?
Often the judge will adhear to the P.O.'s recommendation. If the P.O. decides to issue a probation violation then you...
I go to school in GA but am a FL resident. I have been convicted of DUI and have paid my fine. Can I get a hardship license to drive to school? If so how do I go about doing that as a FL resident? Also, will this hardship license allow me to drive home as in FL?
If you have a Florida license, then this will be a question for the Florida Department of motor vehicles. The courts...
never showed me any results, never offered a blood test. Machine the first 2 times didnt give the reading he wanted told me to do a feild test, thought I passed since they had me do another breathalyzer. Then they said I refused to corrctly do the test and took me to jail. Arrested for DUI but refusal of breathalyzer test.
You definitely have some issues that need to be evaluated. You need to speak with an attorney about your case as soon...
I got arrested on site I told officer did not no I barely hit the car!
Georgia DDS does not suspend regular (class c) drivers licenses for failure to report striking unattended vehicles....
I was drinking at a party and it got busted.
Depends on the situation. I'm assuming your asking what the punishment is for 2nd conviction for possession of alcohol...
I contacted one lawyer and he said they might want me to come back to the state to face the charges,Is there any way i can got this dui case dismissed for being so long ago? Is there any way this can be taken care of with me not being in that state,i am in very hard times right now like many other people out there that are low income like myself.I did have my licence in ca where i live now,but i was waiting for my renewed licence to come in the mail and they have not arrived.I called dmv in CA to see what was going on and they told me there was a hold on it in ga for a DUI.Will this cost me alot of money to get this taken care of? and how long do you think it would take? PLEASE HELP!!!!!
It is very, very unlikely that your case would be dismissed just for being so old. You have probably heard people talk...